Never mind for now

Things are strange over here, so I’m going to put down the thing I mentioned in my last post. Not forever, but for now. I still dig the project and I have it more or less mapped out – but this isn’t the time for a variety of reasons, not least of all the fact that I’ve had something potentially time-sensitive and time-consuming land on my plate. It’s not set in stone yet, but if it all comes together it’s going to eat my life for a couple of months and there won’t be room for anything else from a creative standpoint.

Anyway, my agent is working on it. We shall see what happens. No, I won’t tell you what it is yet (or maybe even ever! you never know…).

Besides, I don’t know. I was on fire for the story for a few weeks, but I’m losing steam – which usually means that I’m coming at it from the wrong angle. Maybe I should’ve actually taken the break I promised myself, rather than jumping into something new right away.

At present, I have five projects hanging about on my agent’s desk and on the desks of a few editors here and there; there’s no way to know which of these – if any of them – will find a home and need my attention for awhile in 2019, but maybe that’s enough just for now. Come the New Year, I’ll reevaluate and maybe sit down with my agent for a “What next?” conversation. For now, I think it’s time to recharge.

Be well, everyone. I’ll be around, but I need to declare at least a semi internet hiatus through the holidays. Follow me on Twitter for your daily recommended dose of adorable animal pictures, if you like. Otherwise, I’ll see you next year!

One taught me love, one taught me patience

It’s been a minute, yeah. I know. I’ve been busy and things have been happening, you know how it goes. 2018 has been a messy year for me, honestly – messier even than 2017, which featured a massive cross-country move with my husband and four animals. I’m glad that it’s winding down.

I only had a couple of things hit the street from a publishing standpoint this year: The Agony House and a single short story, Mother Jones and the Nasty Eclipse from Apex Magazine. So it feels like I have not-so-much to show for it, and that kind of sucks – but that’s not to say that I’ve been sitting on my hands, over here.

At present I have one partial* sitting with my YA editor at Scholastic, one full YA project being shopped around elsewhere, two partials sitting on my Tor editor’s desk, and a full mystery project on my agent’s desk. Maybe none of those projects will land. Maybe all of them will. You just never know. (Speaking of, yes – I finished my draft of Far-Fetched. That’s the mystery project, and it topped out at 95,291 words. I’ll add that to my total of fiction words composed this year, at the bottom of this post.)

And yes, I’ve started working on something new. I’m frankly excited about it; it’s an idea I’ve been camping on for the last year or two, and it finally gelled to the point that I could get a draft underway. This will be a tricky one, and I only hope I have the chops to pull it off…but I’ll go nuts if I don’t try.

I’m not yet sure how long it’ll run, but my gut says it won’t be more than maybe 90k. Eh. I’ve been wrong before. Maybe it’ll go bananas and run over 150k, that’ll show me.

At any rate, here’s progress on my modern gothic ghost story about a large old school that was boarded up after a shooting 22 years ago, told from the POV of two survivors, their now-teenage children, and their own parents – with Bonus! memories both faulty and true, intergenerational violence and grace alike, and thirty-one ghosts who know something the police never figured out. One part The Haunting of Hill House, one part The Frighteners, and one part Bowling for Columbine…so…wish me luck.

    Project: Kill Me Now
    Deadline: none
    New words written: 2554
    Present total word count: 2554

    Things accomplished in real life: (In the last couple of days) Put up the Christmas tree and wrapped presents; cleaned house including a crap-ton of laundry; walked the dogs; gave the eldercat her fluids; went to post office; went to Walgreens; went to grocery store; vacuumed four times because the dogs and the pine needles and ugh.

    Things accomplished in fiction: Finished a draft of the first chapter, and I actually like it.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 122,680

* For non-writing/publishing folks, a “partial” is sample content and a proposal for a full project, generally speaking. My partials are usually in the 100-150 page range plus outline/proposal/etc.

The Agony House has Landed!

Landed in the marketplace, I mean. Not, like…landed on a witch or something.

AT ANY RATE. The Agony House is here! And you can BUY IT! RIGHT NOW! Should you wish to order a copy, then I’d like to help – and if you (and/or your relevant young adult readers) liked I Am Princess X, I do dearly hope they’ll be on board for this one, too.

[Just a friendly side-note about these things: if you would be so kind as to drop a review or two, when you’re finished…well. I’d love you forever, pretty much. Reviews feed algorithms and word-of-mouth, two of the unpredictable, fiddly things which drive sales the most these days. Authors appreciate your help in this regard – more than you know!]

If you’d like a SIGNED and/or PERSONALIZED copy you can purchase The Agony House via the University of Washington Bookstore. Don’t worry – it’s not complicated!

Follow the directions here.

As you can see, you can order any other signed books [of mine] to be signed [by me] courtesy of that same set of instructions.

It might take an extra few days to ship, depending on my availability for darting over to the U-District to sign stock…but I’ve even included a handy-dandy phone number in the directions to magically grant you free media rate shipping [in the continental 48 states only, I’m so sorry]!

::throws confetti::