Like a desert sun that burns my skin

Just wanted to pop my head in to post this real quick, before I forget – while I was in Phoenix I signed approximately one crap-ton of books, notably for (a). the Poison Pen in Scottsdale and Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego. Through either one of those fine vendors, you can get your hot little hands on a signed copy of just about anything – including FRESH RELEASE I Am Princess X – so give them a call, or stop on by. They’ve got your hookup.

* * *

Guess what I got in the mail today!
Go on! Just guess!

That’s right! It’s Chapelwood ARCs!
The real deal is hitting the streets on September first, folks.
Save the date!

* * *

Greyson has many friends. Sometimes those friends come by in the afternoons, hoping to play a rousing game of “chase” in the yard. This makes his day.

* * *

And what makes the kitty’s day, you might ask? Why, finding an aluminum hairpin just lying around, waiting to be batted about. That’s what.

Catching up and Moving Right Along

Phoenix was…wow. I don’t know where to begin, so I will probably punk out and not say much of anything except for this: It was absolutely wonderful, and I was tickled to see so many friends. Big ups to Kevin Hearne in particular, for organizing a couple of great events (one at the Poison Pen, and one at the Taco Guild), and hearty digital hugs to everyone else. If I tried to link/recap, I would only end up leaving people out and feeling like a jerk. So instead….well…you know who you are, and thank you for being there, and for being fantastic.

For pictures [including MANY GROUP SELFIES] of the past week, click here, scroll down, and be amused.

* * *

Thanks also to all the great folks who came out to my signings; I burned through many copies of Maplecroft and plenty of I Am Princess X – and I am terribly grateful for those of you who helped make that book’s debut in Arizona such a smash.

My apologies for running out of the kicky I Am Princess X stickers. We burned through my whole roll at the Poison Pen event.

* * *

SPEAKING OF PRINCESS X. Since it only just came out, less than a week ago – and it was front-and-center while I was out of town – I have a handful of cool links to share. Just a handful! And they’re great! I promise!

    The LA Times summer books listIAPX is named one of 30 summer books that kids will gobble up! chimes inIAPX is one of their Best Books of the Month for teens and young adults!

    Shelf Awareness agreesIAPX gets a starred review! “In a clever innovation, Priest seamlessly integrates Kali Ciesemier’s comics within the prose narrative. Each new episode of Princess X reveals further clues and a terrifying reality for their creator. Ciesemier’s portrait of Princess X achieves a sense of both anxiety and bravery.”

Thank you to all the fine reviewers out there, fighting the good fight. I am so, so thankful for the kind reception.

* * *

Today is dedicated to unpacking, filing receipts, doing laundry, emptying the inbox, etc. etc. etc. – all the stuff that backs up when you’re out of town for the better part of a week. You’d think that with BEA and several conventions going on, my inbox would be a wasteland, but nooooooo. I’m eyeballs deep.

Therefore, I’m wrapping this up quickly – mostly posting it to say, “I’m back! And it was grand! And all is well!” for those who might be wondering. I’ll close it out with a critter pic, for Greyson’s big, goofy smile was waiting for me last night, when I finally arrived home. Everyone loves a smiling dog, right?

Phoenix Comic Con or Bust

Okay! As you may already know, today is I Am Princess X day! Go ahead. Click the link if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. Beware: MUCH SQUEE LIES BEHIND THAT LINK. MANY ALL-CAPS. SOME SILLY MOVING TEXT AND THREATS OF CHAMPAGNE.

Consider yourselves warned.

Right! So that was today’s BIG news, and now I have to offer up the news for the rest of this week – because tomorrow morning I’m leaving for Phoenix Comic Con! I’ll be gone through the weekend (leaving the critters in my husband’s capable care). I will not be bringing my laptop, since it looks like I’ll be so wildly busy that there won’t be much point.

What this means from a practical standpoint: I won’t be blogging, but I WILL have my smartphone, so you can expect pictures and assorted forms of zaniness on my Twitter feed and maybe even over here on Facebook. But mostly on Twitter.

IF YOU ARE IN THE PHOENIX AREA but are NOT ATTENDING THE CONVENTION: Should you be interested in picking up (a). a copy of the brand spanking new I Am Princess X, (b). some of my other books, or (c). a signature on any of the above … you can find me – and EVERYBODY ELSE (just about) at the Poison Pen tomorrow evening (May 27) from 7-8:00 p.m. Click that link to get the roster, and I PROMISE you’ll see somebody in attendance who’ll pique your interest.

If you WILL be at the convention and you’re all like, “Maybe I’ll try to catch Cherie at one of her panels or something,” then allow me to direct you to THIS-HERE LINK where you’ll find my schedule posted in a handy-dandy fashion. In addition to the panels, you’ll note that there are a couple of signings on-site. Catch me there. Catch me early, and I MIGHT even have some awesome I Am Princess X stickers. Supplies are limited so I’m not making any promises, but trust me – they’re fantastic.

(Speaking of supplies at the convention, I’ve been assured that there is a fat stack of I Am Princess X – among other books of mine – waiting at the Mysterious Galaxy booth.)

And I think that covers pretty much everything of note for the next five days, so please pardon the brevity and the all-caps, but I still need to finish packing and wrap up my last-minute travel details. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope to see some of you in Arizona!