Normal is just a setting on the dryer

Things are coming back together over here – at long last. The French drain was finished yesterday, the gutters were installed today, and the floor will be ready for its usual furniture and traffic tomorrow, thank God. There’s still a good chance we’ll get some concrete regraded for additional drainage protection, but I won’t know for certain for another day or two. That said, I’ll probably want to schedule it as soon as possible. Let’s just get all this crap out of the way, right? The sooner, the better.

Anyway. The house stinks of polyurethane sealant, and we’re still building forts with the den furniture, but soon all will be back to normal … including my blog-posting regularity :)

So please pardon me for being brief.

By way of apology for the general lack of content, here – have a picture of Greyson kicking it under the dining room table earlier this week (chairs were stacked elsewhere, during furniture Tetris). He’s guarding yours truly and part of a rawhide bone from the scary power tools. And also hiding from them. Two birds, one stone. Good boy.

Open your eyes but only if you can

It’s been a difficult week. There have been setbacks with the floor restoration; all the wood’s been ripped out, but it hasn’t been restored due to an unresolved moisture problem. Likewise, we’ve had problems with the drain/gutter arrangements; but I’ve finally gotten almost everything lined up to have the matters sorted out early next week. If we’re lucky, everything will be back to normal by maybe, I don’t know. Next Wednesday or Thursday.

For now, it’s rather chaotic around here. Most of the den’s furniture has been relocated to the rest of the house, so we’re climbing over chairs and ottomans and end tables and books and rolled up rugs and displaced dining room stuff because that’s where some of the den stuff went, etc. etc. etc. … and the days are full of appointments, phone calls, and power tools a’buzzing. The evenings feature industrial fans running at full tilt, and full volume. It’s unsettling. Everything out of place, and everything noisy as hell, 24/7.

Meanwhile, I’m on a deadline. Or two. Believe it or not, I’ve cranked out over 5000 words since Monday on [project I’m not supposed to talk about] and I hope to wrap up a draft tomorrow, depending.

Anyway. That’s why things are quiet over here. Just thought I’d come up for air and say so.

These changes ain’t changing me

I’m back! And I’m still eyeballs deep in work! Thus the silence since I returned from Pasadena on Tuesday night, I’m afraid. You would not BELIEVE how full an inbox can get when you’re gone for three whole work days. Or maybe you would, I don’t know. At any rate, it’s been a mess, and things will continue to be a mess for awhile yet.

To recap in brief: I had a marvelous time at the Children’s Institute event, where I got to meet my awesome Scholastic publicist and a number of outstanding book buyers/vendors/reps/etc; I had an uneventful return trip; I had a freakout upon my arrival home.

Apparently I was wrong about some flooding damage. To wit, our house was the victim of a deluge a week ago – I mean, water up to the windows in the den deluged – and no, we don’t have flood insurance.* Why the hell would we? We live on the side of a mountain, FFS. It was just a freak phenomenon where we caught the brunt of a flash flood at the rear of the house; and at first, it looked like everything was solved with some towels and some fans.

But the moment I came home, I knew we had a problem.
A wet, musty problem.

Oh yeah. It took the wood and its subflooring a few days to swell, and now we have to rip out maybe a third of that lovely oak we installed a year and a half ago. I’ll find out how much this is going to cost us tomorrow, when a dude comes out to give me a number and make me cry.

Then on Monday a different dude is coming out to tell me how much a new gutter system and a French drain behind the den will run us. We’ve had “new gutters” on the to-do list** since we moved in – not that it would’ve done us much good last week – but the drain should help protect us from future freak water events.

Besides all that mayhem, my husband dashed out of town for work as soon as I got back, so it’s been back-and-forth trips to the airport, packing and unpacking, and general freaking out for everyone! [:: throws confetti ::] He comes home again tonight, though. So there’s that.

In other news, since my return to Tennessee – besides clearing the email backlog – I also batted last-minute cleanup on the I Am Princess X audio content, and then I went diving in headfirst on [secret project] with a deadline at the end of this month. I hope I make it.

Anyway, things aren’t all hectic doom and gloom around here, for today Greyson had a playdate with Briley! A marvelous dog party ensued! So let’s end on that note, eh?

* Even if we could con the insurance company into paying out, it’d come back to bite us in the ass when our premiums shoot skyward.
** It is a very SEXY to-do list.