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1 week, 3 days ago, mid-afternoon

It’s been a couple of “holding pattern” days, where I’m waiting for news and information from several different sources – without which, I can’t really proceed on anything. These days are weirdly stressful. And they feel unproductive. In fact, they’ve been more or less unproductive, except for some laundry, grocery shopping, and an interview with the awesome Seattle Geekly folks (it’ll go live next week).

I’ve also been making arrangements for DragonCon – because oh God, that happens next week. There are officially six different meetings/suppers/lunches which aren’t on my Official Schedule, with maybe two more pending … but here’s the general programming scoop on where and when you can definitely find me:


      11:30 a.m.The Wide, Wide World of Alt History: An introduction into the many worlds of alternate history and what to expect this year on the track. Westin Augusta 1-2
      1:00 p.m.Deadlier Than the Male: The role of the feminine in horror literature. Westin Peachtree 1-2
      4:00 p.m.The Many Faces of Pulp: A discussion of pulp fiction’s many faces, from gritty crime fiction to the deepest depths of space or the far-flung future. Westin Augusta 3
      5:30 p.m.Building Alternate Worlds and Times: Creators of alternate worlds discuss secrets for building brave new worlds, from research to deviations in history and much more. Westin Augusta 1-2
      7:00 p.m.Cthulhu Mythos – The Innsmouth Cycle: A discussion about the Innsmouth cycle created by H.P. Lovecraft and continued by his followers. Westin Peachtree 1-2


      2:00 p.m.Signing at the Missing Volume’s booth. Dealer’s hall, second floor. Booth 328/329/330.
      4:00 p.m.Signing at the HWA table. Hyatt, across the hall from the comic artists alley.
      7:00 p.m.Penny Dreadful Fan Panel: A discussion of Showtime’s tribute to Victorian-era horror. Westin Peachtree 1-2


      2:30 – Signing at Larry Smith’s booth, 103/104/105.


      10:00 a.m.Urban Fantasy or Horror? What’s the Difference? Authors writing in both genres discuss the distinction between the two, as well as the similarities. Westin Chastain ED
      1:00 p.m.Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, & Dragons: Learn to develop classic fantastic characters that stand out. What are the “rules,” and how can they be broken? Hyatt Embassy D-F

Same rules as always apply, which is to say, I’ll sign whatever you like, and as much of it as you want. Sometimes I can hang around after/before panels and sign things/chat/hang out, but please don’t take it personally if I can’t; like I said above, I have a number of important meetings and things that aren’t noted here. As long as I’m not (a). eating, or (b). in the bathroom, feel free to stop me if you catch me out and about – and if I have time, I’ll cheerfully pause to sign your stuff. But again, please don’t take it the wrong way if I’m in a mad dash for a panel or a meeting. It’s not you, it’s me. I swear.

In other news – well, I’m still waiting for other news. Rather than dwell on that, and/or obsessively check my email/phone…how about a puppy picture? Here’s Greyson using my thigh as a pillow, as we both watch TV in the den. He’s a world champion snuggler, he is.

If you’ve got the inclination, I have got the crime

1 week, 5 days ago, mid-afternoon

It’s a Monday! And I hardly know where to begin, but that’s becoming typical, I swear. I’ve been a crappy blogger, yes – but in my defense, things have been pretty busy around here. There’s been a lot of end-of-summer yardwork, some business-type hurry-up-and-wait, and also a great deal of this-is-almost-due that’s been catching up with me over the last few days.

But I’m finally starting to dig myself out, so here goes nothing.

First up: The Hugo Awards! I wasn’t there, and I wasn’t nominated for anything – but that doesn’t mean I can’t be super-happy for the awesome people who were there, and who did win things. Lots of love and rockets to everyone!

Next up: Maplecroft news! You guys, check it out – my author copies finally arrived! And they are beautiful! They have sexy embossing on the cover! They have that new-book smell!

It’s all I can do not to make a big pile of them and go swimming around like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin. So it’s just as well I don’t have enough do that.


And now, some Maplecroft-relevant links – because it’s easy, and it’s late, and I’m low on brain-power right now (but go book, go!):

    More love from i09 – Where Maplecroft is named one of “the 30 books you absolutely cannot afford to miss this fall.”

    The Book Shop Santa Cruz – Where Maplecroft is a staff pick, and scores a great staff review. Some awesome soul named “Jax” declares it “An excellent read for those long fall nights, so long as you don’t need to sleep any time soon.”

    My Bookish Ways – Where Maplecroft makes the list as a September must-read.

    The Red-Headed Femme – Who declares that “H.P. Lovecraft is smiling in his grave”…and furthermore, “This book is unique, and wonderful, and terrifying. Don’t miss it.”

Unrelated to books at all – and in conclusion – I am told that yesterday was some kind of semi-official Black Cat Appreciation Day. Spain the Cat approves of all appreciation, official, semi-official, and otherwise.

Even on a Monday.

You’d hate for the kids to think that you lost your cool

2 weeks, 3 days ago, in the late afternoon

It has been beautiful out there today – the temperature topped out around 80 degrees, it was super-windy, and sunny-but-not-too-sunny, so I spent the day outdoors. I needed to, for the grounds here at Rosebury Haunt were looking pretty ragged.

Okay, it still looks a little ragged, but it is greatly improved – particularly at the back and side of the house.

By way of cataloging my exploits, you may know that I accomplished the following: pruned and de-bugged the old rose tree; pruned, weeded, and evicted vines from the new roses at the side of the house; pruned, weeded, and evicted vines from the old roses at the front/side of the house, and gently wired the new growth to the trellises; weeded the yard directly at the rear of the house, where the foundation plants are really starting to take hold (this actually took for-freaking-ever); removed vines and performed other assorted weeding at the side of the house, where the climbing hydrangea is surging up the side of the porch; did some weeding in the back bed by the garage; pruned/fed/trimmed the container-garden plants; restocked all the bird-feeders except for the hummingbird feeder, which still has goo in it; and watered the hell out of every damn thing that needed it.

I was joined by this pretty thing, which hung around for several hours – making itself happy in the blue salvia and then the butterfly trees.

But I’m not done. Oh no.

Tomorrow’s to-do list: run the edger/trimmer around All The Things; cook up some more hummingbird food then clean/restock that feeder; prune, weed, and evict vines from the roses by the used-to-be-a-herb-garden corner; prune, weed, and evict vines from the front shrubbery; and maybe, if there’s time, take the loppers to the holly hedgerow.

Greyson has a vet appointment tomorrow, so that’ll break up the afternoon a bit; nothing’s wrong wrong with him or anything – it’s just time for his checkup and booster shoots. I think I can still get most of my list tackled, if not all of it. We’ll see how it goes.

I also need to sit down and read through the entirety of my Godbothering content, so that I can renew progress on that bad-boy this month. I was going to do that today, but the clock ran out on me – which is to say, I am now too tired to give it my full attention. So…to hell with it.

Anyway, in closing (because I am also too tired to wrap this up in a tidy fashion) … here’s a picture of my cat being weird. She climbed over my desk, strolled onto the file cabinet, climbed atop the little trunk there (it holds sewing supplies), and then stared into the corner for twenty minutes – occasionally lifting a paw to scratch at it.

Cats, man.