Order Signed Books

If you’d like to order a signed or personalized book … I can help you with that! Or rather, I can help you with some assistance from the nice folks at Star Line Books.

All you have to do is call that fine store at (423) 777-5629.

Just tell them:

    1. Who you are and what book you want
    2. How you’d like it signed (to you, a friend, etc.)
    3. Where you live

They’ll take your credit card info, and then they’ll call me. I’ll run down to the shop and sign your stuff according to your preference – and then the shop will ship it to you, ASAP. I live right down the street from this store (more or less) and can answer their summons on the same day, most of the time.*

There will be a small shipping and handling fee to cover postage, but no additional charge for any signatures or doodling of mine.

* If they don’t have the book you want in stock, they can order it for you – easy-peasy! But this might add a few days to your order.