Order Signed Books

If you’d like a signed and/or personalized copy of any book by yours truly, you can order one from the University Book Store in Seattle. It’s easy!

    Step One: Order your book of choice from the store’s supply.
    Step Two: Shoot an email to bookorders@ubookstore.com [attn: Duane Wilkins] explaining how you’d like your recent order signed/personalized.

That’s it, really. Duane will call me, I’ll hoof it down to U-Books, and I’ll write whatever you want [pretty much] in the book of your choice. Then Duane will ship it to you ASAP.

Note: If your preferred title is listed as out of stock…try ordering it anyway. There’s a new system at the store, and some books are erroneously declared absent. If you *actually* can’t add the book to your cart, you can always hit up that same email address above, and ask the nice booksellers to order it for you. BONUS: If you call them [206.634.3400] you get free media rate shipping!