Order Signed Books

If you’d like a signed and/or personalized copy of any book by yours truly, you can order one from the University Book Store in Seattle. It’s easy!

And that’s it, really. The store will call me, I’ll hoof it down to U-Books, and I’ll write whatever you want [pretty much] in the book of your choice. Then Ubooks will ship it to you.

If you have any questions, shoot an email to the fine folks at – bookorders@ubookstore.com

Note: If your preferred title is listed as out of stock…try ordering it anyway. There’s a new system at the store, and some books are erroneously declared absent. If you *actually* can’t add the book to your cart, you can always hit up that same email address above, and ask the nice booksellers to order it for you.

BONUS: If you call them [206.634.3400] you get free media rate shipping in the continental 48 states! [Apologies to the rest, of course.]