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A dog’s life

1 week ago, around lunchtime

Well, I’d planned to get started on a new project today, and come back here reporting fresh word metrics and so forth…but that plan got derailed on Greyson’s morning walk, when we were joined by an energetic cutie named “Caper.”

Caper had a collar and tags, but the address listed was for Mississippi – and the phone number reached a woman who didn’t know what I was talking about. So I brought the pooch home with me.

Long story short, some internet detective work* and a phone call or two turned up the correct contact info for Caper’s family. Caper had gotten loose when the EPB guy (internet/power board) left a gate ajar – but she’s home safe, Greyson got a marvelous play date, and all’s well that ends well.

In non-dog-related news, yes, there’s Maplecroft related stuff to report! Namely, you can catch me today over at Nicholas Kauffman’s blog, where he’s kind enough to host a piece on (what I think is) The Scariest Part of that book.

Click here to read it. Go on! It’s not very long, and it includes my Universal Theory of Horror. More or less.

ALSO. You can (and absolutely SHOULD) click right over here to …where there’s a review of Maplecroft that’s so good, it’s almost too embarrassing to link. But not quite.

I even went ahead and swiped a bit for my REVIEWS page. Because who doesn’t want powers, am I right? Yes, they totally mentioned something about me having powers. For real. I’m pretty sure. (Don’t burst my bubble, man.)

By the way, thanks a million to those of you who are leaving reviews! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it :)

Anyway, I’ll just leave this one a little brief, today. I have some writer-work catching-up to do – you know how it goes…

* I reverse-engineered a land-line number from the address on the tags, and was lucky enough that a family member lives there. Caper’s “grandpa” hooked me up.

I mean to prove I mean to move in my own way

1 week, 1 day ago, in the early morning

Hello, everyone! It’s a Maplecroft Monday! So here’s a little PSA you might find useful: You can get signed copies of Maplecroft and many of my other titles via this link at the Missing Volume. You can get ‘em while they last, anyway. After all, supplies are limited to what I was able to sign at DragonCon.

And remember, writers are always grateful to the awesome readers who go around leaving friendly reviews at the usual places:

* * *

As predicted, I did indeed return Kat to the airport on Friday. We had a marvelous time, and I was sad to see her go – a sentiment which was not improved by the 4 hours it took me to get back from Atlanta. Stupid rush hour traffic plus stupid really-bad-auto-wreck equals a fabulous mood, let me tell ya.

But here’s my favorite pic of Kat from the visit – taken in the gardens at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

[:: waves bon voyage ::]
[:: sighs ::]

* * *

The pest control people will be back again tomorrow. We still have no sign of rats inside the house, but they’ve gotten back underneath it. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of standing in a bathroom and feeling the little stinkers scramble beneath your feet – or hearing them travel the rodent superhighway under the shower stall’s fiberglass floor.

I still don’t plan to poison them. Chase them out and keep them out, yes. Trap them if we absolutely have to, okay. But poison…no. Not when there are snakes, foxes, cats, and coyotes hunting for a snack. Besides, who wants dead rats under your house and/or in your walls? No thanks. #theglamorousliferedux

* * *

Dog: But…but…I wanna go outside :(

Maplecroft Links Round-Up and other Whatnot

1 week, 4 days ago, in the evening

So it’s been a most excellent week, with the outstanding Kat Richardson hanging out here in Tennessee – plus Bonus! visits from other miscellaneous old friends (including Derek Tatum). We wined. We dined. We went sight-seeing, in accordance with tourist law.

Tomorrow, I have to take Kat back to the airport, that she may return to the Pacific Northwest. And the southeast will be that much less awesome.

[:: sigh ::]

* * *

IN BRIGHTER NEWS. Maplecroft has the book world chatting, thank GOD. Like dear Oscar said, the only thing worse than being talked about … is not being talked about. So here, I offer a roundup of the highlights:

    Romantic Times gives me a heart attack – By bestowing a 4-1/2 star rating upon Maplecroft, that’s how. I’m not even kidding, I was STUNNED. RT has reviewed very little of my material; and typically, those reviews have been not so much, shall we say, glowing. So this one? This one had me dancing on air.

    i09 compiles a list – A list of the “Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Must Not Miss in September.” Maplecroft is #3. BOOM. weighs in – “For lovers of the gothic and macabre, Maplecroft is an unflinchingly grotesque glare into the maws of madness. Blood and viscera spatter readers in a miasmic mix of retched and revolting. This should surprise no one coming from Priest, who is fresh off a series centered on toxic steampunk zombies. Maplecroft is loftier, aspiring to the mountains of madness from whose peaks unfathomable insanity rains down. Succeeding to the summit is a superb work which wields both mastery over the classic forms of Lovecraft and Stoker, and the keenly honed blade of modern sensibilities.”

    Den of Geek chimes in, too – “…If you haven’t guessed it, I highly recommend Maplecroft.”

    Maplecroft audio book – YES. We’ve got one. Let me help you with that – click this-here link to visit Tantor Audio, where you can find it in handy-dandy audio CD or MP3 CD format. Go ye thereforth, and order.