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1 week, 1 day ago, in the late afternoon

It has been beautiful out there today – the temperature topped out around 80 degrees, it was super-windy, and sunny-but-not-too-sunny, so I spent the day outdoors. I needed to, for the grounds here at Rosebury Haunt were looking pretty ragged.

Okay, it still looks a little ragged, but it is greatly improved – particularly at the back and side of the house.

By way of cataloging my exploits, you may know that I accomplished the following: pruned and de-bugged the old rose tree; pruned, weeded, and evicted vines from the new roses at the side of the house; pruned, weeded, and evicted vines from the old roses at the front/side of the house, and gently wired the new growth to the trellises; weeded the yard directly at the rear of the house, where the foundation plants are really starting to take hold (this actually took for-freaking-ever); removed vines and performed other assorted weeding at the side of the house, where the climbing hydrangea is surging up the side of the porch; did some weeding in the back bed by the garage; pruned/fed/trimmed the container-garden plants; restocked all the bird-feeders except for the hummingbird feeder, which still has goo in it; and watered the hell out of every damn thing that needed it.

I was joined by this pretty thing, which hung around for several hours – making itself happy in the blue salvia and then the butterfly trees.

But I’m not done. Oh no.

Tomorrow’s to-do list: run the edger/trimmer around All The Things; cook up some more hummingbird food then clean/restock that feeder; prune, weed, and evict vines from the roses by the used-to-be-a-herb-garden corner; prune, weed, and evict vines from the front shrubbery; and maybe, if there’s time, take the loppers to the holly hedgerow.

Greyson has a vet appointment tomorrow, so that’ll break up the afternoon a bit; nothing’s wrong wrong with him or anything – it’s just time for his checkup and booster shoots. I think I can still get most of my list tackled, if not all of it. We’ll see how it goes.

I also need to sit down and read through the entirety of my Godbothering content, so that I can renew progress on that bad-boy this month. I was going to do that today, but the clock ran out on me – which is to say, I am now too tired to give it my full attention. So…to hell with it.

Anyway, in closing (because I am also too tired to wrap this up in a tidy fashion) … here’s a picture of my cat being weird. She climbed over my desk, strolled onto the file cabinet, climbed atop the little trunk there (it holds sewing supplies), and then stared into the corner for twenty minutes – occasionally lifting a paw to scratch at it.

Cats, man.

Going down the only road I’ve ever known

1 week, 2 days ago, in the early afternoon

Yeah, well. Whitesnake was playing on the radio last night, and it’s stuck in my head. NOW IT CAN BE STUCK IN YOURS, TOO. [mwooohahahahaha]

So! Today, I’ve got a couple of things to talk about. First up, I’m lucky enough to be involved in Kevin Hearne’s apology to Atlanta! And why would Kevin feel the need to apologize in the first place? Because he has to bail on DragonCon, that’s why. I understand. Things happen. And since this benefits me, personally…I’m prepared to forgive him.

For you see, Kevin will be zooshing back to the southeast again for an event at the Fox Tale Book Shop in Woodstock (right outside Atlanta) – and he will be joined by YOURS TRULY and also DELILAH S. DAWSON. [:: confetti gun ::] [:: tee shirt cannon ::] [:: pom-poms a'waving ::]

Look, I’m not going to lie to you, folks: It’s gonna get silly up in there. And if you are in the greater Atlanta area, you definitely want to swing by to get in on the action.

Don’t worry. I’ll remind you again before we set out for glory.

Hm. What else? Oh yes – you know how I ordered some new glasses from Zenni Optical? Like, a week ago? Well believe it or not, they’re already here! And in fact, I am wearing one of those pairs right this moment.

So here’s the verdict, or at least my initial impressions.

The quality seems more or less comparable to anything I might’ve ordered through an optometrist’s office. The frames are sturdy and attractive, and the lenses are exactly what they’re supposed to be. I had some concerns about this latter bit in particular, because my eyes are pretty screwy; I’m around 8.0 in each of them, with a hefty astigmatism in the left that always throws things for an extra loop.

Due to that prescription, my lenses are the ultra-high-index variety (by necessity), but on top of that I added all the special coatings and whatnot, then threw in expedited shipping because screw it, that’s why. All of this together cost me $258.

And to think, I was PSYCHED when I got my last pair of glasses – for they only cost me a little shy of $600. This is after the previous pair (ordered in Seattle, where things run pricier) … cost nearly a thousand. So you can imagine my absolute GLEE at the prospect of two pairs for relative peanuts!

Am I still gleeful? Yes, yes I am. I wanted something with larger lenses/field of vision than I had on hand; but I also wanted to try something a little different and funky. So here’s the results.

Pair #1 – blue tortoiseshell. Fit perfectly right out of the case. My favorite of the two, at present. I can see great, and I’m fond of the look. Glad I took a chance on them.

(For a close-up shot that displays the blue color better, click here.)

Next up, the cat-eye-shaped funky green tortoiseshell jobbies. I really like these too, though they’re quite different from what I usually wear; these needed a little adjusting, but that’s okay – because there’s a how-to primer on Zenni’s website. Very helpful.

These are great too, but something about the lens shape feels unfamiliar to me, and they take a little getting used to. Not a big deal, as they were an adventure pick anyway – and I love having options! These will be a nifty option, every now and again.

So next time I’m feeling flush, I might even pick out another pair. I don’t wear my contacts as much as I used to, and variety is the spice of life, non?

When I was younger, I hated wearing glasses – partly because I was “younger” back before high-index lenses were available, and that meant two things: (1). thick, heavy lenses that left creases on my nose and cheeks, and gave me headaches, plus (2). I had to pick frames with enough structural integrity to support those lenses…which meant, in essence, I wore industrial-grade glasses until I was in college. They were never pretty. They were never fashionable. They always looked terrible, and I felt terrible when I wore them.

Now? Not so much.

For one thing, I’m older – and I’ve had lots of time to come to peace with my crap-tastic vision. For another thing, now we have high-index lenses. For yet a third thing, I can now wear stylin’ frames like normal nearsighted people, and some of those frames are really, really cute.

[Aside - I don't want anyone chiming in re: various corrective eye surgeries. I am not a good candidate for any of them; trust me, I've looked into it, and gotten multiple opinions on the matter. It's just one more thing I've come to peace with.]

Anyway, lots of people wanted to know how the Zenni thing worked out for me, so there you have it. If the glasses break or something within the next few weeks, I’ll post an update; but for now, I am a happy camper. As opposed to 8th grade – when I was…not so much.

Presented in closing for your amusement:
Orlando Junior Academy, 1989.

I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space

1 week, 3 days ago, around lunchtime

Man, it has been one HELLA good Monday for Maplecroft news, I tell you what. For one thing, I got the proofs for the audiobook artwork and got to make a couple of changes before that goes off to print. (Or wherever it goes, when it’s an MP3 and/or audio CD.) So yes, that will be happening – at the same time as the regular trade paperback edition, on September 2.

SO SOON. Ye gods!

And for another thing, several awesome reviews landed upon this fine day. To wit:

    This awesome “epistolary” review at Book Swoon – Including such highlights as: “With your story Maplecroft, I was given the moments of a kick-ass heroine, a dark and haunting horror, and a completely new envisioned tale of Lizzie Borden’s legend that was unlike anything I would have ever imagined….”


    And this awesome wardrobe-imagining at Book Style – Wherein the reviewer speculates with regards to what Lizzie might wear these days, down to the adorable cthulhuoid jellyfish earrings.

AND. Dropping mere minutes ago (as of me furiously typing this post) … the exceedingly fabulous Annalee Newitz at has called Maplecroft the best damn Cthulhu novel you’ve read in ages!

The i09 review is thorough without being spoilery, and so chock full of generous pull-quotes that I wasn’t sure what to nab for my Reviews page. But here’s what I went with, and you can click the link above to read the whole thing if you like:

    A warning, though. Once I started reading Maplecroft, I was basically glued to my chair until I was finished. So be prepared to lose an afternoon to this book – and to gnash your teeth waiting for the sequel to arrive (yes – it’s the first in the “Borden Dispatches” series). Whether you’re a weird fiction fan, or love true crime history, this book is a major treat.

[:: dies and is dead ::]

Honestly, I am so overwhelmed that I can’t exactly remember what else I was going to post about today. There was something about yardwork, something about housework, something about a bunch of emails back and forth between editors/agents, something about getting started on Godbothering this week … and you know what, I don’t even know the rest.

So here – have a picture of Greyson and his cat-friend Watson, who joins us on our morning walks sometimes. As for me? I’m going to go run around the house doing hand-flappies for a little while.

True fact :)