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I am just freaking terrible at this

So besides the fact that I haven’t been blogging…I went back to try and find the last time I posted word metrics and HOLY CRAP it was back in APRIL. This isn’t to say I haven’t done any writing since then – nay, I’ve done a short story, some work on an unannounced group project, and some editorial stuff here and there [copyedits, etc.] – but I’m not gonna lie and be all, “Oh I wrote a BILLION words while no one was looking.” It was more like maybe ten thousand, in total. Since April. Which is awful.

In my vague and slight defense, a LOT has happened in the last few months. For example (and in only some half-hearted semblance of order) – the back half of my house flooded; we arranged for repairs including new gutters and a french drain and new floors in the den; I went to California for a Children’s Institute event; I Am Princess X debuted, and there was publicity and work on the audiobook extras and whatnot; I hired some help and rebooted the back yard, removing a lot of dead and messed-up stuff and installing several trees/hardscaping bits/large plants; I fixed up the garage, which was falling apart inside; Phoenix Comic Con happened, and that was a week out of my life right there when all was said and done; I got a new tattoo, hooray; I went back and got an old tattoo refreshed (part one – part two, with the finished re-do still to come); a week-long visit from one of my besties; and so forth, and so on, and look…sometimes life gets in the way, you know?

That said, it’s especially difficult to defend myself otherwise, because two of the projects that have occupied my time are still on the secret side. But again, the point is this: writing progress has fallen off a cliff this spring/summer, and I have to get my shit together ASAP.

I have three books to write in less than a year, plus a handful of other things on deck. No more procrastinating. No more excuses. No more pussyfooting around.

Here’s recent progress on one of my projects that I’m not supposed to specify yet, but will probably be able to talk about sometime in the next few weeks, I hope, so my apologies for any and all cryptic nonsense posted here until it comes to light:

    Project: [Redacted]
    Deadline: [Redacted]
    New words written: 3444
    Present total word count: 3444 (2-day total, actually)

    Things Accomplished in Fiction: Got most of the way through Chapter One.

    Things Accomplished in Real Life: [Just today and yesterday] Neighborhood jaunt with the dog; grocery shopping; went to Walgreen’s; a little bit of yardwork; went to Ace; got some lunch.

    Other: The 70k mark on the word meter above is arbitrary. I’m not sure how long this one’s going to be.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 53,818 [Including 5100 re: other secret project, from last month. I don’t have a count for the misc. bits and pieces, so I’m just leaving off the rest. Que sera.]

Bonus: Behold Greyson – happy as a clam, and covered in his buddy “Luna”‘s drool. It was truly an epic play-date.

You’ll take me home where the magic’s from

I know, it’s been another week with zero in the way of blogging updates from yours truly – and I confess, I haven’t been much on Twitter or Facebook, either. Instead, I’ve been doing some reading, some work on the house, some spring cleaning (a little late in the year), and some work on that as-yet-unannounced new project. Among other things. Ahem.

So, you know. Just…real life stuff, I guess.

* * *

Greyson has a new friend named Luna – a mastiff/whatever mix who is just the light of his little life, I swear. She lives a few blocks away, but comes over for playdates pretty regularly. They are the very bestest of buddies.

As for the cat, she’s done a shit-ton of napping. Some of it, on my laptop.

More napping occurred during the fireworks yesterday, because the cat is all but stone-deaf, and she couldn’t care less about the noise.

The dog, on the other hand…was dubious. He spent most of the afternoon/evening under my feet while we watched the Drunk History marathon and caught up on Welcome to Night Vale. But whenever he started shaking or fussing, I’d just give him a bite of kettle corn – then and everything was fine again.

* * *

Anyway, in book-type news, don’t worry! I’m not going to do another links round-up … even though the I Am Princess X reviews are still coming in – thank heaven – and so far, so good. If you’ve been thinking about picking it up, or if you’ve read it and (a). want to say something or (b). have any questions, you can catch me on this coming Tuesday [July 7] in a very cool Twitter chat.

And by the way – I’m about halfway through Shadowshaper and it is BAD. ASS.
Two words. All caps.

* * *

So…yes. It’s been regular real-life stuff around here for the last little while, but that’s going to get a mix-up come Monday – when my awesome old friend Spyder (her preferred internet reference) will be coming in for the week. There will be cocktails! There will be pedicures! And shopping! And maybe some movies and/or some binge-watched TV!

I’m very much looking forward to it – though it virtually guarantees another week of no blogging. However, there will undoubtedly be silly pictures on Twitter, and probably some tipsy live-tweeting of whatever we’re binge-watching. I’m calling it “personal time.”

I’ll still be reachable by email (and phone, to the appropriate parties) but I don’t honestly expect to get much work done. Try not to hold it against me, eh? I don’t get weekends and vacations; I get deadlines.

But every now and again, real life calls for a break.


I AM PRINCESS X Loot and Whatnot

Over the last few days, I’ve had a number of people ask if there’s any I Am Princess X loot floating around out there. After all, in the books there are Etsy shops and Zazzle accounts for the webcomic merch; and in real life, all I’ve ever had was a roll of stickers. A roll of very cool stickers which is, quite sadly, long gone.

So I badgered my longsuffering editor, who has people On It right now, to see if we can’t make more stickers and maybe even some schwag available to people. But at this moment, if you want an I Am Princess X sticker like oh, say, THIS ONE …

….Then you can go right here to download and print one of your own! Or, alternately, you can enter to win a sticker from Scholastic! So you’ve got a couple of options, there. For now, that’s all I’ve got. My apologies! But I’ll let you know if the situation changes.