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Hitting the road for DragonCon

3 days, 11 hours ago, in the morning

Okay folks, here goes one last post before I drive down to Atlanta this afternoon. Below you’ll find my schedule (the public part of it, at least)…and don’t forget – some of the book vendors [Missing Volume, Larry Smith] should have copies of Maplecroft on sale early. But you’d better grab them fast! I don’t know how many they were able to score; and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I mean, until Tuesday, when the book officially drops nationwide. But if you want an advance peek at the reading – or if you’d like one signed – here’s your chance!

And for now, I’m outta here.
Wish me luck! It’s going to be one hell of a week…


      11:30 a.m.The Wide, Wide World of Alt History: An introduction into the many worlds of alternate history and what to expect this year on the track. Westin Augusta 1-2
      1:00 p.m.Deadlier Than the Male: The role of the feminine in horror literature. Westin Peachtree 1-2
      4:00 p.m.The Many Faces of Pulp: A discussion of pulp fiction’s many faces, from gritty crime fiction to the deepest depths of space or the far-flung future. Westin Augusta 3
      5:30 p.m.Building Alternate Worlds and Times: Creators of alternate worlds discuss secrets for building brave new worlds, from research to deviations in history and much more. Westin Augusta 1-2
      7:00 p.m.Cthulhu Mythos – The Innsmouth Cycle: A discussion about the Innsmouth cycle created by H.P. Lovecraft and continued by his followers. Westin Peachtree 1-2


      2:00 p.m.Signing at the Missing Volume’s booth. Dealer’s hall, second floor. Booth 328/329/330.
      4:00 p.m.Signing at the HWA table. Hyatt, across the hall from the comic artists alley.
      7:00 p.m.Penny Dreadful Fan Panel: A discussion of Showtime’s tribute to Victorian-era horror. Westin Peachtree 1-2


      2:30 – Signing at Larry Smith’s booth, 103/104/105.


      10:00 a.m.Urban Fantasy or Horror? What’s the Difference? Authors writing in both genres discuss the distinction between the two, as well as the similarities. Westin Chastain ED
      1:00 p.m.Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, & Dragons: Learn to develop classic fantastic characters that stand out. What are the “rules,” and how can they be broken? Hyatt Embassy D-F

Oh yeah it’s rollercoaster time

5 days, 6 hours ago, mid-afternoon

Here comes DragonCon, and I’m frantically trying to get everything sorted out before leaving … thus my internet silence of late. I’ve had a lot of work to do, and have even scared up a couple of proposals for new projects – which have gone off to their potential editor, and we’ll see how that goes.

Also there’s been laundry and housework and shopping and a little bit of yardwork (but not much because it’s been hella hot), plus research and planning and some stabs at proto-packing.

By proto-packing I mean, “Rounding up all those little things that I don’t need, but will definitely want at some point.” Stuff like a shower cap, my favorite lanyard (I have a vast assortment, these days), trusty flask, my own damn hand lotion so I don’t run around smelling like the hotel, etc. etc. etc. Non-essential items that nonetheless make a convention easier and/or more pleasant.

Speaking of DragonCon – for what it’s worth, I’ve shoe-horned yet another signing into my schedule, which you can find right here.

Sunday afternoon I’ll be over at Larry Smith’s booth, signing like a fiend; and I am told that – barring unforeseen catastrophe – Larry will have copies of Maplecroft on hand, fully two days before you’re supposed to be able to get your grubby paws on one. In case that piques anyone’s interest.

* * *

Hey, remember a couple of years ago – how my husband and I found that kitten in a Wendy’s parking lot? Here’s a lovely little update on that story.

* * *

In other four-footed friend-related news, Greyson got a bath this afternoon. Which is to say, my husband and I basically got a bath too, but you know how it goes when 85 pounds of shaggy-ass I DON’T WANNA would rather be beaten by a garden hose than bathed with one.

But you try telling him it’s for his own good.

I’d post a sulky-pants picture of him to wrap up this post, but I didn’t get a good one in time – for he promptly took off to go dig in the dirt and hide in the shrubbery like a jerk. Instead, here’s a shot from our walk a day or two ago – whereupon we ran into his mini-dachshund friend “Heidi”…who is lovingly mauling him. She runs around in circles and squeaks every time she sees him; she absolutely adores him, and it’s the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen.

Yeah, that’s a nice note to end a post on.
Good night, everyone. I’ll try to update again before I head down to Atlanta on Wednesday.

Your rolled up sleeves in your skull t-shirt

1 week, 2 days ago, mid-afternoon

Today might’ve been more productive if I hadn’t freaked out and summoned Greyson’s vet – so hey, even if I didn’t get much work done, at least I had a panic attack and spent some money.

[:: sigh ::]

Long story short, yesterday morning Greyson picked up a little cough. I wasn’t too worked up about it, but it worsened overnight; and by lunchtime today he was copiously barfing – then having coughing fits that lasted half a minute, and left him gasping for breath. So, yeah. I called his vet.

(Meanwhile, he acted like he felt just fine. We took our usual morning walk, chased each other around the yard, and played a round of rope-tug. When he wasn’t coughing, he was totally normal.)

Because Greyson is a contrary soul, he declined to produce even one half-hearted hack while the doc was present. His lungs and heart sounded good, and his bloodwork from a few days ago* showed that everything was 100% normal … so we’re not sure if it’s a mild case of bronchitis, allergies, some weird object stuck in his throat, or what. But he got some steroids and anti-nausea meds, which have already helped.

Naturally, five minutes after the vet left, he flopped down on the floor of my office and started coughing, so I whipped out my phone and shot some video – which I promptly sent to the doc. I hated to see him uncomfortable, but I was glad to have proof that I am not, in fact, some M√ľnchausen-by-proxy pet parent.

Obviously, we will keep an eye on him.
And he will keep an eye on my turkey sandwich.

In other news…there’s not much other news. I’m still maintaining that holding pattern over here, while I quietly wig out about the very nearness of DragonCon.

So to wrap this up, here’s a little Throwback Thursday entry: yours truly and my mom (who is making a weird face, I don’t know why). I think this is circa 1978…? It’s my aunt’s wedding, I know that much. Mom’s wearing a bridesmaid dress; I was a flower girl.

* Yes, the poor vet was JUST out here for his annual checkup/boosters. [:: facepalm ::]