Phoenix Comic Con or Bust

Okay! As you may already know, today is I Am Princess X day! Go ahead. Click the link if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. Beware: MUCH SQUEE LIES BEHIND THAT LINK. MANY ALL-CAPS. SOME SILLY MOVING TEXT AND THREATS OF CHAMPAGNE.

Consider yourselves warned.

Right! So that was today’s BIG news, and now I have to offer up the news for the rest of this week – because tomorrow morning I’m leaving for Phoenix Comic Con! I’ll be gone through the weekend (leaving the critters in my husband’s capable care). I will not be bringing my laptop, since it looks like I’ll be so wildly busy that there won’t be much point.

What this means from a practical standpoint: I won’t be blogging, but I WILL have my smartphone, so you can expect pictures and assorted forms of zaniness on my Twitter feed and maybe even over here on Facebook. But mostly on Twitter.

IF YOU ARE IN THE PHOENIX AREA but are NOT ATTENDING THE CONVENTION: Should you be interested in picking up (a). a copy of the brand spanking new I Am Princess X, (b). some of my other books, or (c). a signature on any of the above … you can find me – and EVERYBODY ELSE (just about) at the Poison Pen tomorrow evening (May 27) from 7-8:00 p.m. Click that link to get the roster, and I PROMISE you’ll see somebody in attendance who’ll pique your interest.

If you WILL be at the convention and you’re all like, “Maybe I’ll try to catch Cherie at one of her panels or something,” then allow me to direct you to THIS-HERE LINK where you’ll find my schedule posted in a handy-dandy fashion. In addition to the panels, you’ll note that there are a couple of signings on-site. Catch me there. Catch me early, and I MIGHT even have some awesome I Am Princess X stickers. Supplies are limited so I’m not making any promises, but trust me – they’re fantastic.

(Speaking of supplies at the convention, I’ve been assured that there is a fat stack of I Am Princess X – among other books of mine – waiting at the Mysterious Galaxy booth.)

And I think that covers pretty much everything of note for the next five days, so please pardon the brevity and the all-caps, but I still need to finish packing and wrap up my last-minute travel details. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope to see some of you in Arizona!

Happy – I AM PRINCESS X – Day!

Finally, today – I am officially a YA author!

[:: flings confetti ::]
[:: fires tee shirt cannon ::]
[:: pops copious champagne corks ::]
[:: waggles champagne bottles ::]
[:: froth goes everywhere ::]

Oh, I’m an adult author, too – I mean (for the sake of clarity) I’m still writing books for adults, too. I have several more on the horizon, just in the next couple of years…but today? TODAY IS FOR YOU YOUNGER READERS OUT THERE. Or for you people who are, perhaps, somewhat LESS young – but enjoy YA fiction anyway. Or for those of you who even KNOW anyone from column A, or column B.

I’m just trying to cover ALL MY BASES, here.

LOOK, THE POINT IS that right NOW you can buy I Am Princess X at fine bookstores everywhere! Or at your preferred internet destination! Whatever floats your boat! That’s the key takeaway from this SOMEWHAT FLAILING and WILDLY OVERCAPPED blog post, so KINDLY PARDON any excessively noisy squee on my part. After fifteen years in the industry, this is a first for me, and I am VERY SQUEEFUL about it – if none too graceful about how I handle all that squee.

So! If you’re like, “What’s it even ABOUT, anyway?”
Or, “Have any reviewers dug it?”…well, let me help and/or refresh your memory!

    “Back in fifth grade, best friends May and Libby created Princess X, a katana-wielding heroine who wears Converse sneakers with her ball gown. Ever since Libby and her mother died in a freak accident, May’s life has been as gray as her Seattle home—until the 16-year-old spots a Princess X sticker in a store window, leading her to a Princess X webcomic that suggests that Libby might still be alive. With the help of Trick, a hacker-for-hire, May follows the trail that Princess X’s near-mythic narrative leaves for her, which incorporates Seattle landmarks like the Fremont Troll and characters like the dangerous Needle Man and the mysterious, helpful Jackdaw. Illustrations from the Princess X comic—skillfully rendered by Ciesemier and printed in purple—add greatly to this techno-thriller’s tension. Fresh and contemporary, this hybrid novel/comic packs a lot of plot in a relatively short book, but its strongest suit may be Priest’s keen understanding of the chasmic gap between the way teens and adults engage in the landscape of the Internet. Ages 12–up.” ~Publishers Weekly (starred review)

    “…An excellent book with loads of cross-genre and cross-format appeal. Highly recommended”. ~School Library Review (starred review)

    “Priest’s YA debut is an engrossing cyberthriller packed with a puzzling mystery, crackerjack detective work, and an eerie, atmospheric sense of place. The unembellished style is a perfect match for the noir-lite tone, and May and Trick, whose banter crackles with energy, rival any team of gumshoes out there. Teens who roll their eyes at adults out of touch with Internet culture will eat this up.” ~Booklist (ALSO A STARRED REVIEW!!!)

I’ll be frank: The buzz has been positively OVERWHELMING. I’m just so terribly grateful for the chance to put this out there – grateful to the fabulous folks at Scholastic, and to Kali Ciesemier for the amazing artwork, and to all the readers who’ve already gotten their hands on an ARC and gone chattering about it across the internet.


(Man, I’ve slipped into italicizing my all-caps. Things must be getting serious.)

BUT I DON’T CARE! I am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS, and I beg your indulgence. Likewise, I beg you to consider I Am Princess X for yourself, or for the young readers in your life, or for any random person who you think could maybe go for a book about a sword-wielding princess in red Chucks, a couple of white hat hackers (one of whom is actually really, really GOOD), a creepy-as-hell villain, and two girls who were so tight that not even death could keep them apart.

Thanks again, always, to everyone.
Thanks for reading :)

[:: bounces off to do some more squeeing ::]
[:: dog flees from high-pitched squee noises ::]
[:: chases dog and hugs him anyway ::]

We don’t need to know the way home

Things are still good – just a bit busy. Since last I posted, I made a couple of deadlines, gained another one, and did a LOT of yardwork and garage restoration. Also, I’ve acquired one fluffy-eared and wildly misnamed houseguest, so we’re having a good old time over here.

By “wildly misnamed houseguest” you regular readers will know that I mean “Cujo,” the super-sweet gent with three legs, a heart condition, and the greatest smile ever.

His people are out of town for a couple of days, so he’s hanging out here with us and kicking around with Greyson – getting some real good woofing done, indoors and out. Tomorrow will probably be a very loud day for the pair of them; the neighborhood is throwing a big yard sale, so it will be CRAWLING with people who just MIGHT stop at the gate and pet them…

* * *

Holy cow! I Am Princess X is one of Publishers Weekly‘s picks of the week! And it comes out THIS TUESDAY at OMG LONG LAST! But you can still preorder, if you’re so inclined!

* * *

So like I said, I’ve been busy. After fixing the patio from the flood damage and tackling the front yard’s ridiculous overgrowth, I moved on to the garage.

(I couldn’t find my safety glasses – but I was just spray-painting by this point, so cheap sunglasses sufficed.)

Our garage was added in 1930. It’s kind of gross, but we are still lucky to have it – for this is a historic district, and very few people have garages at all. (Since ours was built before 1950, it’s safely grandfathered in, despite its semi-deplorable condition.) Anyway, I’d been meaning to do something about it for awhile, so I cleaned the living daylights out of it and reworked the grody old cabinets.

We have five sets of cabinets in there, none of them matching. Two sets are metal, and are more rust than metal…or they were, until I spent two days sanding the crap out of them and spraying them down with SIX CANS of industrial grade Rustoleum. They won’t win any beauty contests, but now they aren’t flaking to pieces. And they match.

They went from this unfortunate state:

To this!

(Photo taken before they were entirely dry.)

I also painted the wooden cabinets so that THEY all match, too. I used the same latex exterior paint that’s on our house’s trim (because I have scads of it) – so they’re white, but I figure we can just hose them off if they get filthy.

Most of my restoration work was produced by plain old elbow grease, but the only tricky bit was actually these stupid wood cabinets. They’ve been uneven for so long that all the hinges have warped and the doors won’t shut right – making it look like we had a poltergeist hanging out in there.

Basically, I could either (a). pull off the cabinet doors and replace their hinges, then re-hang them all, OR (b). I could go to ACE and buy a bunch of hardcore magnetic fasteners, because they don’t have to line up perfectly to work just fine.


Exorcism: accomplished.

* * *

Right! Well. Now I’m settled in with a drink and a fistful of Advil, because I ache all over the place. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone – and a very fine holiday to you all. Here, I’ll close with another dog picture. For goodwill reasons, that’s why.