I read you books and talked for hours

Here’s recent progress on my modern gothic about two lady academics investigating the case of a mystery woman who was murdered and stuffed in a tree forty years ago – with Bonus! lovely ghosts, sinister messages from beyond, creepy small town shenanigans, and a New Southern Weird vibe (as inspired by a true story that happened way the hell elsewhere):

    Project: Cinderwich
    Deadline: April 30 [self-imposed, and oh well]
    New words written: 13,935
    Present total word count: 54,308

    Things accomplished in real life: Since last week? Much of the usual: walked the dogs every morning; cleaned house a couple of times; lots of laundry; had a houseguest for a few days; bought a power washer and now I am unstoppable; etc. etc. etc.

    Things accomplished in fiction: Wrapped up a Draft Zero! It’s fairly solid, all in all (IMO), though I’m going to let it cool off and then clean it up and see how I feel about it. I’ll probably need to trim 3-4k words, if I know me. (I tend to overwrite in first drafts.)

    Other: This is basically a gothic novella chock full of fan-fic about friends – one of whom appears as a ghost. I got everybody’s permission, don’t worry; but this is really a quiet, weird little story that I wrote expressly “for funsies”…and I’m not sure where it’ll find a home. If nobody wants it, maybe I’ll set it up behind a Patreon or something. I don’t know yet. We will see. I’m not ready to show it to anyone yet, anyway.

    What’s Next: This coming week will be spent eyeballs deep in the final (I hope) rewrites for The Toll. It’s a polishing round, but it’s fiddly – and it’ll definitely take a few days of focus.

    After That: After that, I’ve got a couple of things I want to develop. We’ll see which one bubbles up to the top, eh? I’ll keep you posted.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 24,908

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