Holiday Cheer and Other Assorted Whatnot

The great Settling In continues, and goes mostly well. There’s still a lot we’d like to do to the new house, but we’re out of money for the time being – and here comes Christmas, so…yeah. Presents only for immediate family this year, and no holiday cards. I simply will not have my shit together in time – but such is life.

Next year, eh?

So this year…from a professional standpoint, I haven’t had much going on. Brimstone came out from Roc early on, and then [group project] Indigo landed in June. I had one short story published, “Good Night Prison Kings” in Dark Cities, and in a couple of weeks [December 5] a new Wild Cards project – Mississippi Roll – drops, including a piece by yours truly. I guess when I put it like that, it doesn’t sound like such a slow year; but it sure feels like a slow year. I’ve been in 5th gear for ages. Third gear feels like park.

I took a feeble stab at playing with a project for funsies, to line up with Nanowrimo…but didn’t get very far. Still, if I finish November with 30k words on my oddball feminist modern gothic inspired by a true crime story from the 1940s…I’ll still chalk it up as a “win.”

Otherwise, for 2018 I still have The Agony House forthcoming (YA from Scholastic, pub date TBD) – and it’s officially out of my hands, and into the hands of an artist;* also The Toll (horror from Tor, pub date TBD) is likewise still grinding along. No short stories in the queue, I don’t think. A lot less travel, too.

On a less business-y note, the last few months have been very sociable – and it’s been great finding a groove back in the PNW again. Old friends and new are making the process easier. I should probably post a bunch of pictures here to prove that I have left the house, but you can find those on Instagram if that’s your jam. Also a zillion pics of the cats and dogs. And the fish.

Oh yeah, we added a fish. His name is “Fancy” because the lid of his tub ID’d him as a “Fancy Half-Moon Betta” and I short-handed it…then made a dumb joke on Twitter about naming him after a character I like on Killjoys. Then the actor who plays the character saw it, gave it his thumbs up, and that’s why I have a fish named Fancy. He’s a lovely little fellow, in a lovely 5-gallon tank with a heater, some moss balls, real and fake plants, and a little filter to keep the whole set-up clean and fresh. I mix up the furnishings every few weeks, because I read an article about how fish can get depressed just like people – and now I’m freaked out about the prospect of having a sad fish.

I mean, I freak out if I think any of the other household pets are unhappy, too – don’t get me wrong. I will never understand people who have animal companions, and just…don’t give a damn if they’re happy. I want mine to be happy. Even the damp ones.

Speaking of, the ElderCat continues to rule the roost, despite her advanced age. I do not know how much longer she will be with us; she’s in renal failure, on fluids twice a week, and is roughly old enough to drink. But as long as she’s her usual self – we’ve got her back. Likewise, the House Leopard is doing well. Her persistent diarrhea issues have cleared up, and she’s thrilled by the fish tank – though it has a tempered glass lid and strong plastic clippies to keep her out.** And of course, Greyson and Lucy remain ridiculous. They are learning their way around the new neighborhood, and making friends left and right – as they always do, everywhere we go. Every walk is basically Dog Cuddle Patrol.

At any rate, apart from holiday shopping and a last push for Nanowrimo, there’s not much to report. I just realized I hadn’t updated here in awhile, and also, I am keen to procrastinate while simultaneously appearing somewhat productive.

Thanks for reading, as always – and happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate, or don’t.

* Like I Am Princess X, there is a comic book element threaded through the story.
** Once, I sat and watched her try to get inside the tank for about twenty minutes. She failed at every turn, and has since given up. But she does love to watch it.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer and Other Assorted Whatnot

  1. Enid Rodriguez

    Welcome back. I missed your updates, no matter how mundane. Happy Holidays to you and yours from my household to yours!

  2. It made me smile to see I’m not the only writer who’s not going to be a NaNo ‘winner’. I’ve never won, per se. Last year NaNo helped me decide how to start a particular story that I had 3-4 opening scenes for, but I only made it to around 30K. This year, it’s sort of in the opposite direction. I was already 30K into something and now, going for the home stretch – and still won’t make the 50K NaNo win. Progress is progress! – Nice to see you doing more posts lately, too! I’m seriously digging “Maplecroft”, btw.

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