Leaving Rosebury

There’s a long way to explain, and a short way to explain. I’ll start with the latter: We have sold our house, and are making preparations to move back to Seattle.

To flesh the matter out a bit further, let us just say that it’s been a while coming. The reasons are many and varied – but largely due to my husband’s job, which has been flying him back and forth to/from the West Coast multiple times a month…at great company expense and everyone’s general exhaustion for the last couple of years. This, combined with a surprise offer on our home that we frankly could not refuse, plus a few other fiddly things that don’t bear a dry retelling, have led us to conclude that we should make Seattle our home again.

We are in the process of purchasing a house out there, a little ways from the city but in a very good location (close to main arteries, nice quiet neighborhood, etc.). If everything goes according to plan, we will close on this new house on the 8th of next month.

Of course, things are not quite going to plan. There is a last-minute hiccup that has us sitting on pins and needles, because as of July 20th, we are officially homeless if this falls through. (Though in case of worst scenario, we will head to my dad’s place in Kentucky until things are sorted out.) Never mind the fact that we must figure out how to pack up our existing household, and how to drive two 90-pound dogs and a couple of cats to the new digs. (No, we will not fly them. We have our reasons.)

Anyway, we’re working on that, and I’m not asking for advice or suggestions.

The move will be difficult in any number of ways; but in the end, this is the right decision for us. Our Tennessee house has been purchased by a lovely woman with a deep appreciation for the historic neighborhood – and this little home, in particular. Honestly, she’s exactly what the place needs next: someone with a lot of money who can finish the last big projects that we haven’t been able to afford. I am proud of the work we’ve done on this house, and it’s been a privilege to be part of its conservation – but it’s time for us to move on.

Next up, something completely different: a killer mid-century modern that’s been beautifully redone. It’s a smidge smaller than our Tennessee home, but it has a two-car garage and some amazing outdoor spaces to make up the difference. (A bigass deck! And a massive fenced patio!)

I mean, that’s what’s next if everything works out. If not, Jesus. I don’t even know. One way or another, we’re out of our present digs by the middle of next month.

So if I’ve been distant and quiet on the internet, and if I’m frazzled and tired in person, well, now you know. This has been hanging over our heads for the last few months and the situation is coming to a head. It’s taking everything I’ve got to keep from having a nervous breakdown, so kindly forgive me.

Right. Well. Thanks for reading, everyone. I’ll try to keep the world updated on how things go. Tennessee, you’ve been good to me. Washington, here we come again…

14 thoughts on “Leaving Rosebury

  1. Meg

    Oh wow, what a change! I’ll miss seeing your house as the backdrop for all of your lovely photos of your very lovely pets. Best of luck with everything being smooth sailing, especially the long drive with the critters!

  2. Looking forward to new house photos. Mid-century modern is a favorite style of mine.

  3. Helen Aiken

    Very sorry to see you go but it sounds like it will be good for you. I’ve love d the way you weave Chattanooga into so many of your tales. We will miss you!

  4. Twilight2000

    It was 93 yesterday. We’re getting ready for you!

  5. Christine Cowen

    Oooh, maybe I have a chance at you coming to Phoenix Comic Con someday. No horrid time change now. Good luck and best wishes on transporting car averse Grayson. Poor guy.

  6. Pamela Moulder

    Holy snot! What is it with this time of year? We found out a month ago that we were going to be moving to Colorado for husband’s work. So here we are, renting our current home out (found the perfect people to rent to own) found a home to rent on Zillow.com (no, we haven’t seen it, just pictures, eek)
    And currently waiting for the moving truck.
    We also have a niece graduating next Sat in Iowa.
    Feeling your frazzledness! Good luck!

  7. Yowza. I hope this move will be as painless as possible!

    (And to be sure, your readers in Seattle will be glad to have you back. :) )

  8. Jenna

    It will be nice to have you back in the PNW. Hoping for good home mojo.

  9. Lois Buhalis

    I offer no advice. Having driven 10 cats in a largish minivan from Portland, OR to Cleveland, OH, I can tell you that it’s eminently possible, and MUCH better than trusting beloved creatures to the airlines. Best of luck!

  10. Becky

    Dangit! I wanted to see the house one day! And boo for no Lupi’s pizza around Xmas again this year with you! Still, much congrats on the new digs and many hugs!

  11. Roger Bixby

    Welcome back to the Pacific Northwest! We look forward to having you here…again.

  12. WomanWhoWeaves

    I snorted hard at this. Best of luck. I am in love with your animals and look forward to seeing them in their new digs.

  13. Joel Becker

    Chattanooga was made much cooler with you and the animals here. And now it will be less so. Safe travels to everyone!

  14. Catfriend

    Look forward to seeing you back in the NW. I always enjoyed seeing you read at UBS, and you were always nice to me in person (on the couple or so rare occasions we spoke). Good luck with the move!

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