Come out of the garden, baby – you’ll catch your death in the fog

Well, I’ve written about 4300 words today – filler stuff, Logic Spackle (so to speak) as I try to stitch back together this book that I’ve pulled apart. Some structural re-ordering needed to occur, and I can do it – but it’s tricky. It means leaving myself a million and one notes in Track Changes, trying to keep the continuity from going sideways.

It’s not the most exciting part of the process, but this is what’s on deck. I’ve got at least one more day of patchwork lined up, and after that…I can start smoothing it all together. I really think this is going to be a solid draft of a very fun book, if I can pull it off.

We’ll see, won’t we?

* * *

Training with Lucy continues apace. She is not too charmed with the structure, and doesn’t like the work yet; but we have to spend at least thirty minutes a day, reinforcing the trainer’s lessons. For now, they’re kind of boring – reinforcing basics like “sit” and “come.” She’s very smart and she understands just fine (trust me), but she doesn’t like being told what to do. Even if she wouldn’t mind doing it, otherwise.

Next week, the trainer says it’ll be more fun – learning some things that are more dog-interesting. I hope so, because right now I feel like I’m mostly just annoying the crap out of her.

* * *

Tomorrow I’m going to lunch with my cousin, and I might drive out to the big used book store to unload a bunch of stuff I’m not likely to read again. It’s always a little weird when I go there – I worked there nearly twenty years ago, and it ended badly. Let me put it this way: Toxic working environment x1000.

But it’s nice to sell redundant books and get money. I have three big bags, and my insider knowledge suggests it’ll be enough to cover lunch and then some. Hey, we’ve gotta do something to offset the cost of Dog School.

No, I never look for my own books there.

Speaking of, I found a box of I Am Princess X paperbacks in the garage. No idea what I’ll do with them. Maybe I’ll put them up for sale here – with signatures and whatnot. Maybe I’ll move them to the attic and forget about them for another six months. Hard to say. I’m very tired right now.

* * *

Quinnie is super IN to shoes.
Like, she won’t let you have them back.

She’s also been stealing my makeup, lately.
I don’t know why.

* * *

Anyway, that’s enough of me for tonight. I need a drink and some downtime.
Thanks for reading…

3 thoughts on “Come out of the garden, baby – you’ll catch your death in the fog

  1. Donna

    Your Lucy sounds like my Susie.
    Loved The family Plot

  2. Quinnie steals your shoes and makeup because without those, she thinks you can’t leave the house.

  3. I used to have a cat for whom shoes and worn socks were like catnip. I swear he got high off of them. And a worn pair of pantyhose? If you left them on the floor he would go into a frenzy. So, you know, show possession isn’t so bad.

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