The Family Plot – all week, baby!

The book is out! In ebook, audiobook, and hardback via your preferred retailers around town or online. So far, reviews are smokin’, and as a matter of authorly duty, I’m going to do a quickie roundup here. Ahem.

  • Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi/Fantasy blog – “A ghost story lives or dies on its creep factor, and Priest absolutely nails it, spinning a Southern Gothic tale of family secrets and avenging spirits with just enough humor sprinkled throughout to break the tension before racheting the suspense back up to heart-pounding levels….”

  • Pop Culture Beast – “The Family Plot, like all well crafted ghost stories, slowly creeps up on you. Somewhere in your peripheral vision, it unsettlingly teases, dropping chilling clues. Then, in the dark, it pounces….”

  • No More Grumpy Bookseller – “I have to say this particular element – the fact that they all believe in the possibility of ghosts and that they even refer to ghost hunting shows and such as proof that nothing bad will happen was extra fun….”

  • The Arched Doorway – “I don’t usually get scared while reading books, I’ve never had any issues reading Stephen King books for example, but when I stopped reading The Family Plot for the night I decided to watch some late night cartoons before I went to sleep. It really didn’t help, I still woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night….”

  • Perpetual Reboot – …” just the right note of HGTV spiced up with a little Southern Gothic mystery and charm.”

Okay, that’s enough horn-tooting. If you want to read a little sneak peak, you can click over to the Tor/Forge blog and read the first chapter.

And thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has retweeted, cross-posted, reviewed, and shared the love. You are all awesome! I appreciate it more than I can tell you. Seriously, those reviews and recommendations matter.

* * *

In other news, Lucy continues to settle in to her new life as a family dog, and not a pound pupper/foster momma/shelter resident. She’s 100% healthy now, no more infections – and she’s filling out a bit. Can’t see her ribs anymore, and her coat is just lovely.

She and Greyson have bonded in the most adorable fashion; she lures him into playtime half a dozen times a day, they hang out and share toys together in their downtime, and they often nap side-by-side or nose-to-nose.

Meanwhile, the ElderCat has quite thoroughly accepted the newcomer, and Quinn has begun to bring Lucy her stuffed mousies in an invitation to play.

Lucy also gets on famously with other dogs – in particular, she’s fond of our friend’s 4-month-old puppy, Sophie. She had many puppies of her own, and nursed a number of orphans…and she still loves to gently play with little ones.

We aren’t quite at 100% with the housebreaking yet, but we’re almost there. Once in awhile, if we leave her home alone (alone…I mean, with Greyson and the cats) she gets anxious and goes to find a rug to pee on. We don’t intend to crate her every time we leave the house, so we’re just cleaning up the pee and bringing home treats, toys, and the like. Eventually she’ll get the idea that yes, sometimes we leave. But we always come back, and everything is fine. There’s no need to fret about it.

She is a very smart girl. She’ll get the hang of it, and if she doesn’t, well. It’s only a little bit of pee, every now and again. We will survive.

* * *

Right. So. That’s all for now, and thanks so much for reading. I’ll be back with more book news and pet pictures soon.


One thought on “The Family Plot – all week, baby!

  1. Lynn

    Lucy has the most beautiful eyes! No wonder your husband flipped over her…and she is looking so happy and healthy. We got a puppy in 2006 and our bigger older girl learned to play again too. So much laughter watching their antics.
    Very excited about Family Plot. I’ve been reading your books for years now and love seeing the accolades you have worked so hard for. You deserve every bit of praise we can throw at you!

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