National CHAPELWOOD Day!


Okay, look – yes, I know, I’ve been a Disney Princess over here for the last couple of weeks: all birds and all kittens all the damn time. But in between the wildlife and the household critters, I’ve been busily trying to ramp up to THIS VERY DAY: CHAPELWOOD Day!

Yes FINALLY you can check out the follow-up to last year’s Phillip K. Dick Award nominee, Maplecroft. Did you like that one? I hope you liked that one. I loved it very much; it’s one of my personal favorites. (Am I supposed to admit that kind of thing? That I have favorites? Oh well, it’s true. Maplecroft was one of my favorite things ever. I am terribly proud of how it came out.)

RIGHT. YES. So. If you did get your hands on Maplecroft, then you know that it was a watery Lovecraftian creep-fest – inspired by ol’ H.P.’s ocean lore and informed by the gothic epistolaries of yesteryear. You may rest assured that its pseudo-sequel, Chapelwood, is from that same planet (shall we say) – except that it came prompted by Howard’s more cosmic tales.

Or as Publishers Weekly so kindly put it:

    Setting this slow but effective second Lizzie Borden/H.P. Lovecraft mashup in the 1920s, three decades after the events of Maplecroft, Priest emphasizes Lovecraft’s storytelling elements of mathematics, spiritualism, the dubious cultural values of the early-20th-century American Deep South, and mind-shatteringly monstrous beings.

BETTER YET, as the inimitable Jonathan Maberry said (yes THAT Jonathan Maberry and he ASKED for an ARC … you have no IDEA how chuffed I was) … “Chapelwood is devious, twisted and beautifully written. Cherie Priest is one of our very best authors of the fantastic. Brava!”

And you know, it’s funny, but people tend not to believe me when I say that Chapelwood is loosely based on true events. Well, I’ll have you to know that it was, and I was pointed at these true events by Mary Robinette Kowall, whose family has a passing connection to them. But you can get her to tell you that story sometime.

What story? THIS crazy-ass story. Kind of.

There was more to it, of course, and you spend forever and a day spiraling down a rabbit hole, chasing weird peripheral details and characters – which is what happened to me. In the end I had to pare down some of the real-life facts in order to make it more believable. And yes, I say that having added an aging Lizzie Borden, a powerful cultist, and some intergalactic intrigue to the mix.

Anyway, you may as well be advised – real history was just the starting point.
The result is real horror. Or that’s the idea.

So today is Chapelwood Day and I could sit here and shill for another few paragraphs but I must restrain myself – for I have a dog to walk, a hair appointment to catch, a DragonCon to prepare for, and also three other deadlines. No pressure or anything, right? No pressure at all.

Ergo, rather than continuing to bore you with horn-tooting and sign-waving, I will instead wrap this up with some useful links.

Oh, and maybe this one last thing, too – lest you all forget: I have kibble to buy. More of it than ever, at present – and selling books helps put kibble in bowls. It helps pay vet bills for wee foundlings who tried to bathe engine grease off of themselves, and projectile-pooped for a week. It helps support little old lady cats with kidney problems, and big fluffy dogs who eat – let’s be frank – a great deal of kibble.

So come on, now. Buy a copy of Chapelwood for you, or a friend.
Do it for the kittens.

(And I’ll be back later today or possibly tomorrow with all that DragonCon signing info – with BONUS news [I hope] re: how to get yourself some signed/personalized books EVEN IF YOU NEVER SET EYES ON ME. It’s in the works. I promise.)

4 thoughts on “National CHAPELWOOD Day!

  1. “Do it for the kittens…”
    *wracking sob*

    (Is there a more effective marketing technique than kittens?)

  2. HELL TO THE YES. Bought, and bought with glee. :D

  3. Elizabeth

    Arrived today. May the bowls be full of kibble always.
    And looking very much to reading it – it’s on the things to do for the upcoming holiday weekend as I know that once I start everything is on hold until I finish.

  4. Chaplewood is also available on the iBooks Store, for us iOS/Mac people…

    I JUST finished it, I want more!

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