I AM PRINCESS X Loot and Whatnot

Over the last few days, I’ve had a number of people ask if there’s any I Am Princess X loot floating around out there. After all, in the books there are Etsy shops and Zazzle accounts for the webcomic merch; and in real life, all I’ve ever had was a roll of stickers. A roll […]

You give me just a taste so I want more

Hey all! Still here, and still busy. Still no new writing done, but such is life. I’ll get back on that particular pony later this week, or early next. There’s still some paperwork and other assorted whatnot in the way. That’s all. But while I remain cryptic on business matters, I can be joyful with […]

The stars look very different today

Hello everyone! I’m still here, but things have been busy – and not always the kind of “busy” that makes for interesting blogging. You see, I’m hanging out in a weird little valley right now…wherein I’m waiting on news/confirmation on a handful of things I can’t talk about yet (you know how it goes)…so I’ve […]