Happy – I AM PRINCESS X – Day!

Finally, today – I am officially a YA author!

[:: flings confetti ::]
[:: fires tee shirt cannon ::]
[:: pops copious champagne corks ::]
[:: waggles champagne bottles ::]
[:: froth goes everywhere ::]

Oh, I’m an adult author, too – I mean (for the sake of clarity) I’m still writing books for adults, too. I have several more on the horizon, just in the next couple of years…but today? TODAY IS FOR YOU YOUNGER READERS OUT THERE. Or for you people who are, perhaps, somewhat LESS young – but enjoy YA fiction anyway. Or for those of you who even KNOW anyone from column A, or column B.

I’m just trying to cover ALL MY BASES, here.

LOOK, THE POINT IS that right NOW you can buy I Am Princess X at fine bookstores everywhere! Or at your preferred internet destination! Whatever floats your boat! That’s the key takeaway from this SOMEWHAT FLAILING and WILDLY OVERCAPPED blog post, so KINDLY PARDON any excessively noisy squee on my part. After fifteen years in the industry, this is a first for me, and I am VERY SQUEEFUL about it – if none too graceful about how I handle all that squee.

So! If you’re like, “What’s it even ABOUT, anyway?”
Or, “Have any reviewers dug it?”…well, let me help and/or refresh your memory!

    “Back in fifth grade, best friends May and Libby created Princess X, a katana-wielding heroine who wears Converse sneakers with her ball gown. Ever since Libby and her mother died in a freak accident, May’s life has been as gray as her Seattle home—until the 16-year-old spots a Princess X sticker in a store window, leading her to a Princess X webcomic that suggests that Libby might still be alive. With the help of Trick, a hacker-for-hire, May follows the trail that Princess X’s near-mythic narrative leaves for her, which incorporates Seattle landmarks like the Fremont Troll and characters like the dangerous Needle Man and the mysterious, helpful Jackdaw. Illustrations from the Princess X comic—skillfully rendered by Ciesemier and printed in purple—add greatly to this techno-thriller’s tension. Fresh and contemporary, this hybrid novel/comic packs a lot of plot in a relatively short book, but its strongest suit may be Priest’s keen understanding of the chasmic gap between the way teens and adults engage in the landscape of the Internet. Ages 12–up.” ~Publishers Weekly (starred review)

    “…An excellent book with loads of cross-genre and cross-format appeal. Highly recommended”. ~School Library Review (starred review)

    “Priest’s YA debut is an engrossing cyberthriller packed with a puzzling mystery, crackerjack detective work, and an eerie, atmospheric sense of place. The unembellished style is a perfect match for the noir-lite tone, and May and Trick, whose banter crackles with energy, rival any team of gumshoes out there. Teens who roll their eyes at adults out of touch with Internet culture will eat this up.” ~Booklist (ALSO A STARRED REVIEW!!!)

I’ll be frank: The buzz has been positively OVERWHELMING. I’m just so terribly grateful for the chance to put this out there – grateful to the fabulous folks at Scholastic, and to Kali Ciesemier for the amazing artwork, and to all the readers who’ve already gotten their hands on an ARC and gone chattering about it across the internet.


(Man, I’ve slipped into italicizing my all-caps. Things must be getting serious.)

BUT I DON’T CARE! I am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS, and I beg your indulgence. Likewise, I beg you to consider I Am Princess X for yourself, or for the young readers in your life, or for any random person who you think could maybe go for a book about a sword-wielding princess in red Chucks, a couple of white hat hackers (one of whom is actually really, really GOOD), a creepy-as-hell villain, and two girls who were so tight that not even death could keep them apart.

Thanks again, always, to everyone.
Thanks for reading :)

[:: bounces off to do some more squeeing ::]
[:: dog flees from high-pitched squee noises ::]
[:: chases dog and hugs him anyway ::]

20 thoughts on “Happy – I AM PRINCESS X – Day!

  1. Just started reading Princess X yesterday and already LOVE it!! Can’t wait to get it processed and into my school library. The kids are going to eat it up. Now, I just read the part where May goes to Zazzle and find all the Princess X t-shirts, etc. Had to run in the house, snag the computer from my daughter, and search Zazzle. You know what happened – nothing was there:( Will there eventually be? I’d love to wear a Princess X t-shirt to school. I teach in a middle school and run the library. This is important!!! Please??

  2. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! I’ve forwarded your comment along to my editor and publicist; maybe they’ll feel moved to open a shop. I, for one, would be 100% down with that :)

  3. Just finished the book a few minutes ago. Wow! My students are going to love the comics interspersed with the story – I know I did. I’m even more interested in a t-shirt now that I’ve finished the story. Princess X is an incredible role model for them! Thank you for this story!!

  4. Erica

    I’m a middle school teacher, too, and I’m also interested in merchandise and materials (real-world and virtual) related to the book!!!

    There should be stencils and stickers, at least!

    Just finished it, and I loved it; I’m sure that my students will, too.

  5. Thank you! I’ve passed your request along, and FWIW, there *are* stickers – you can enter to win one here: http://opinio.scholastic.com/opinio/s?s=8475&linkId=15053083

    But as for getting a batch of them, I don’t have any suggestions, alas.
    I’ll ask my editor, and see if she has any ideas….

  6. Fran

    I read and bought I Am Princess X for our school Library. I Loved it. I was wondering and hoping that you were planning to write more YA books.

    Thank You,

  7. Thank you so much! And there’s nothing I can announce right this moment, but do stay tuned :)

  8. The Eva Perry Mock Newbery kids LOVE this book! We would like to know what blogosphere might have been printing it before this was published. Help?

  9. Jane Peveto

    Who is the antagonist???? Oh and I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

  10. I started reading this book last night at the recommendation of my 13 year old and couldn’t put it down until I was done with it. The first chapter had me in tears like the opening sequence to Up!

    Here’s the funny part… I used to read your LiveJournal way back in the day, long before that 13-year-old was even in the picture. I have a copy of Four and Twenty Blackbirds around here, from when it was first published! So when my spawn brought home I Am Princess X and I saw your name on the cover I went looking around to make sure it was really you… and I’m so happy to see that you’re thriving and your endeavors are doing well and that you’re just an awesome a writer as I remember you.

    Anyway… just wanted to drop a line to say hi and that I really, really enjoyed this book, and that I look forward to future reads!

  11. Tim H.

    Hi! I finally read I Am Princess X today. (Sorry it took me so long.) I just wanted to let you know that I think you’ve written an amazing book, and I wanted to ask you if you’re thinking about writing a sequel? I believe there are a lot of people here who’d love hat, including me!

  12. Princess X

    Hello loyal subjects,
    I just wanted to thank my biographer Cherie Priest for doing such a great job on the book. I have just read it myself and think that it does a fantastic job of describing the way my, Libby’s, and May’s friendship progressed over the years. I do also love how great I look in the comics. It would be nice if people could wear T-shirts and stickers with me on them, just because I look good on anything. Now I’ve got to head back to Silverdale and practice with my kantana sword.
    Princess X

  13. Sophia C.

    I’ve read your book and am making a book trailer to promote such an amazing piece of art! Is it okay if I use any pictures from http://iamprincessxbook.tumblr.com/ ? The trailer will be posted on YouTube and possibly on the Junior Library Guild website.

  14. Help yourself, and that sounds awesome :)

  15. Ella F

    Hi Cherie
    Princess X is the best book ever!
    My name is Ella and I am 8 years old, my dad and I read your book together and we finished last night.
    Do you plan to write a sequel???
    Please write back.
    Ella :)

  16. This book is the greatest book I have ever read in my life I’m so pleased with it and I’m very happy this was a very life-changing book very understandable all my friends and family love it it’s a great selling book and it’s awesome amazing

  17. Emma

    Can you pls make another princess x it is the best book I have read in years something about continuing tricks and may and how Libby regains her normal life and how tricks goes to college and Libby becomes a lawyer to protect princess x it should be called princess xx

  18. Krista

    Thank you for writing Princess X. I bought this for my then 10 year old, and she tore through it and found the love of reading. So in tgwhopes of finding something else wonderful by you, I found this site.
    Anything new for the YA set? Or any suggestions? One happy kid and one happy mom!

  19. Jeri S

    I loved this book and have been recommending it to my high school students, who have enjoyed it too! Are you working on a sequel? I truly hope so because I loved the characters and would like to get to know them better. Thank you!

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