Phoenix Comic Con or Bust

Okay! As you may already know, today is I Am Princess X day! Go ahead. Click the link if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. Beware: MUCH SQUEE LIES BEHIND THAT LINK. MANY ALL-CAPS. SOME SILLY MOVING TEXT AND THREATS OF CHAMPAGNE. Consider yourselves warned. Right! So that was today’s BIG news, and now […]

Happy – I AM PRINCESS X – Day!

Finally, today – I am officially a YA author! [:: flings confetti ::] [:: fires tee shirt cannon ::] [:: pops copious champagne corks ::] [:: waggles champagne bottles ::] [:: froth goes everywhere ::] Oh, I’m an adult author, too – I mean (for the sake of clarity) I’m still writing books for adults, […]