Open your eyes but only if you can

It’s been a difficult week. There have been setbacks with the floor restoration; all the wood’s been ripped out, but it hasn’t been restored due to an unresolved moisture problem. Likewise, we’ve had problems with the drain/gutter arrangements; but I’ve finally gotten almost everything lined up to have the matters sorted out early next week. […]

These changes ain’t changing me

I’m back! And I’m still eyeballs deep in work! Thus the silence since I returned from Pasadena on Tuesday night, I’m afraid. You would not BELIEVE how full an inbox can get when you’re gone for three whole work days. Or maybe you would, I don’t know. At any rate, it’s been a mess, and […]

Where angels sing and spread their wings

Don’t worry – no boring word metrics today. To sum up the last few (blog-free) days in brief: I finally finished up Chapelwood‘s copy edits, and then I had to leap immediately into some additional production work for I Am Princess X – specifically, the audio edition. If I am very, very lucky, I’ll have […]