Christmas and the New Year

So yes, we’re back from Christmas at my dad’s in Kentucky. As previously noted, it was a total zoo up there – 11 people, 5 dogs, and 2 cats – but everyone got along famously, and Greyson did us dog-proud on more than one occasion.

For example, the trip up there takes about 4 hours – and for the first time, he made it without puking on the way. Granted, he grew ever-more pitiful. But the lack of puking on a drive of that length is encouraging, so we’re pleased all the same.

Yes, he has a head like a furry cinder block.

(We weren’t quite so lucky on the return trip, but in his defense, we got stuck in traffic so the drive took a good 90 minutes longer than it usually does. If we’d made it back in the ordinary time frame, he would’ve been fine.)

At any rate, we had a marvelous week in Bluegrass Country, but I have virtually zero pictures of Just People to prove it. Indeed, all my pictures feature the resident (and visiting) dogs and cats…not that this should really surprise you.

In fact, you can see all of those critter pics right here on Twitter – and you might as well go look, because that will be a LOT faster than me posting them individually over here.

Seriously. Click to see all the dogs. All the cats.
BIG dogs. FLUFFY cats.

BUT FIRST. A sample of what to expect.


AND ALSO THIS (with BONUS my dad):

PLUS THIS-HERE SHOT (with BONUS my brother):


(Let the record reflect that my darling Greyson – the little dude on the far left – is a Pyr mix who’s pushing 90 pounds. It cracks me up when he’s the little dog in a pack, and he doesn’t seem to mind it in the slightest. Look at that grin! This is him with Duke and Daisy on the way home from the park.)


(Behold Mr. Peanut, on the cusp of getting snorgled by Greyson.)

Right. So. Believe it or not, that’s merely a sampling. Go check out the rest of the Christmas mayhem over here. And consider this my Christmas recap, because I am still kind of pooped out and trying to catch up on everything I missed while we were gone.

Yes, writer business goes on. It knows no holiday. Today, for example, I finished writing a draft of an expanded proposal for the Cassadaga book I was talking about the other day. Tomorrow, I have to clean up the house (at least a bit) before people come over for an informal New Year’s Eve shindig, and then get some work done on the sample content for that same project. Then I have to get back to cleaning up a Draft One of The Family Plot – which is due January 15.

But right now, I believe I’ll go make myself a drink.
Jesus, man. What a week.

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