Christmas and the New Year

So yes, we’re back from Christmas at my dad’s in Kentucky. As previously noted, it was a total zoo up there – 11 people, 5 dogs, and 2 cats – but everyone got along famously, and Greyson did us dog-proud on more than one occasion. For example, the trip up there takes about 4 hours […]

For Karl

Our old friend Karl Epperson quietly passed away last night, while my husband and I were on our way back from Kentucky. I didn’t get the word until this morning. I guess it was just as well. I knew Karl for 20 years. Hell, everyone knew him within one or two degrees of separation – […]

Merry Christmas!…

…If that’s your thing. We’re safely in Kentucky at my Dad’s house, where we’re wrangling eleven people, five dogs, and two cats. A very grand time is being had by all, but I’ll be damned if I could ever get everyone and everything into a single shot – so here’s one of (left to right) […]