Nothing I want but money and time

I wish that the LitStack review of Maplecroft had landed last week so I could’ve included it in the roundup, but oh well! Here it is now!

It’s a wonderful (and largely un-spoilery) review, by a reader who paid very close attention and really plugged in to what I was shooting for. I am always immensely grateful and flattered when someone goes to this much trouble to discuss one of my books.

Real talk? This is the kind of review that makes the Days of Writing and Writing Business Despair…markedly less despairing.

* * *

Here’s today’s progress on my modern gothic ghost story about a salvage crew trapped in a doomed southern mansion – now with a crunchy murder ballad center and Bonus! clandestine cemetery where the stones don’t match the bodies (and were never meant to). As inspired by a (semi)true local legend:

    Project: The Family Plot
    Deadline: January 15, 2015
    New words written: 2426
    Present total word count: 81,667

    Things Accomplished in Fiction: Just cleaning up one or two of the last possible tasks before making for the trucks and finding a hotel for the night, because to hell with this crazy-ass house. And absolutely no one had a nervous breakdown. Yet.

    Things Accomplished in Real Life: Neighborhood jaunt with dog; went to bank; went to Target for last-minute Thanksgiving supplies; got lunch; went to Petsmart and picked up more kitty Advantix II and some dog cookies; answered some business emails.

    Other: Today I actually deleted a whole bunch of stuff and wrote a lot more than the metrics suggest; I realized last night that I’d gone off the rails vis-a-vis the POV character’s handling of the “situation” and I needed to backtrack and adjust before it became unfixable. It took all afternoon, but it needed to be done.

    Other Business Other: Yes, I know I said I’d start working on the Chapelwood rewrites this week, and I will. Either in the evenings, or after Thanksgiving. I’ll get it all done, one way or another. (>_<) Number of fiction words so far this year: 233,045

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