With my little red party dress on

Friday is housework day, even for OCD people who spent half of yesterday cleaning out cabinets like a maniac. But it’s just as well I got that head start, for the morning was interrupted by Greyson’s trip to a new groomer. We had some…issues, with the previous folks; most obnoxiously, they had a bad habit of “losing” our appointments. We kept driving the poor dog all the way out there, only to find that the office had spaced on us. Yet again.

(In case you’re new here, Greyson HATES riding in the car. It’s the shaking, puking, and drooling kind of hate.)

So at any rate, we’ve been bathing him here at home with a garden hose over the summer – and if I can catch Greyson in just the right mood, he’ll let me trim his nails and foot-fluff. But it’s gotten too cold to wash him that way and quite frankly, he was starting to smell. Likewise, his nails were getting craggy, and his foot-fluff was just awful. It looked like he was wearing feather doilies on all fours.

But not anymore! We took him to the nice folks at the Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute. I think it went well! It’s a much smaller, calmer, more intimate operation than the last place, and when we arrived to pick him up, we didn’t have to go cajole him out of a cage while he shook and whimpered. Instead, he was hanging out behind a baby gate at the front desk, playing happily with a puppy.

The operation uses all eco-friendly products and no cage-dryers. Greyson smells awesome and he’s so soft, he almost feels fake.

Verdict: Two thumbs up for CHAI! My one wee regret is that I was a crappy tipper. I didn’t mean to be; I just flaked and did bad, stupid math. But I’ll make it up to them next time. Of COURSE there will be a next time. The price was right, the dog looks awesome, and he didn’t come home to have a nervous breakdown.

Just look at them tidy feet!

In other news, the Scholastic online preview is live – and I Am Princess X is a Teen Feature! Click that link to see a whole collection of sneak-peaks, for picture books, grpahic novels, middle grade, and teen readers.

If you’d rather cut to the chase and to hear my editor Cheryl explain the sheer awesomeness of my YA debut next summer…the you can click this link instead and bop forward to the 4:48 mark.

Giggity :)

And finally, lest the kitty feel left out … here’s a shot of one fluffy cat who does not give a crap that she’s blocking the warm air vent, and it was 25 degrees this morning. Because she is a tiny, adorable monster. That’s why.

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  1. Eva Martinson

    Both your furry friends are very floofy. (And beautiful.)

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