Blue eyes and jazz and attitude

Here’s today’s progress on my modern gothic ghost story about a salvage crew trapped in a doomed southern mansion – now with a crunchy murder ballad center and Bonus! clandestine cemetery where the stones don’t match the bodies (and were never meant to). As inspired by a (semi)true local legend:

    Project: The Family Plot
    Deadline: January 15, 2015
    New words written: 4313 (YAY)
    Present total word count: 59,106

    Things accomplished in fiction: Made up with an adversary; called and called and called but the lady won’t answer her phone; got all the cards on the table; made new plans

    Things accomplished in real life: Neighborhood jaunt with dog; loaded/ran/unloaded dishwasher; a couple loads of laundry; emails with important folks.

    Other: The 4k+ streak continues! Today was tough, though. Didn’t sleep well. Running on fumes, as they say. Still pulled it out anyway. [:: fist pumps ::]

    Giveaway Other: 60 non-tweeters (as of this posting) have thrown their hats into the ring for the signed copy of Maplecroft. If you haven’t left a comment yet, you have until noon on Friday! Click here to enter the drawing.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 210,487


3 thoughts on “Blue eyes and jazz and attitude

  1. Patricia Woods

    Puppy time is a must!

  2. Anne

    Keep that 4k+ streak going, Cherie! Your productivity is inspiring! :)

  3. sam hatman

    My three pups: Their eyes shine expectant of loves joy. Or, they need to pee.

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