I dress this way just to keep them at bay

What a weekend, you guys! Thursday night the husband and I did indeed catch the Rocky Horror Picture Show experience at Rhythm ‘N Brews, and it was fantastic, of course! I attended all tarted up in a (largely improvised) Magenta costume.

I had to go buy the apron and wee little hat-let type thing, but cobbled the rest together from stuff around the house (and yes, that’s all my own hair). I was pretty pleased with the end result, and so was Frank. I mean … my friend Heather.

My husband declined to wear a gold Speedo, even though the band promised him he’d get in for free if he’d go for it. More’s the pity. But Speedo or no … WE DID THE TIME WARP…AGAIN!

This town needs a new RHPS event, and I hope to God that this becomes a tradition – not just because I adore the people who threw it.

:: jumps to the left ::
:: steps to the right ::
:: hands on hips ::
:: knees in tight ::

* * *

And about last night: Woo boy howdy, it was a hoot! We had half a dozen folks show up for hot butter rum and shenanigans, and then another set of friends arrived with kids in tow (partly to comb my ‘hood for candy, partly to join the shindig). It was a bright, busy, warm, marvelous evening, and next year, we really DO have to throw a proper party.

Alas, the weather kept a few of the trick-or-treaters away. As dark fell, everything went all cold and windy – and it rained off and on; so we only burned through about 25 pounds of candy all night.

That said, we also ran through a bottle of gin (I think), half a bottle of Scotch, a whole tub of hot butter rum mix, and half a batch of theatrical makeup. That last one was probably just me, though.

At any rate, today was spent putting Halloween away. It actually took quite a while – unplugging and unfastening lights and equipment, doing dishes and taking out trash from last night, and generally sending all the holiday stuff back into storage.

I say “all the holiday stuff” but that’s a fib. We always have a good portion of it hanging around, out in the open. Like the song says, every day is Halloween… at least, it is when you’re a happy old goth with your own Victorian house, and a husband who is tolerant of pretty much anything you want to put in it.

* * *

So here comes Saturday night, and the end of Daylight Saving Time, and NaNoWriMo – for those of you who participate in it.

I’ve had a number of people ask if I’m doing NaNoWrimo this year and the answer is the same as always: Not really, but I’ll try to write every day, all the same. In a perfect world, I’d love to finish a draft of The Family Plot before December, but I’m not holding my breath.

In short, I’m rather set in my writing ways, and I know my usual pace. While it works for some people to power-type through a draft, it doesn’t really work for me. That said, there’s no One True/Right way to write a book. Do whatever makes you happy, and gets you results.

That’s my advice.

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