What ever happened to Fay Wray?

Just a quickie this afternoon – for I’m getting ready to (a). meet a friend for brief shenanigans, and (b). then come home and tart myself up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show event tonight.

But I did want to post a reminder that this is your last day to enter Kevin Hearne’s awesome giveaway (re: signed copy of Maplecroft and any book of his, your choice) … so you’d better get on that. Add me on Twitter before midnight, or before I get home from this thing tonight – whichever comes first.

I’ve heard a few complaints from folks who don’t do Twitter, and I HAVE BEEN LISTENING. So after Halloween, I’ll see about giving away one of my own copies – to folks who comment here, or something. I’ll work out the details over the weekend, eh?


Here’s recent progress on my modern gothic ghost story about a salvage crew trapped in a doomed southern mansion – now with a crunchy murder ballad center and Bonus! clandestine cemetery where the stones don’t match the bodies (and were never meant to). As inspired by a (semi)true local legend:

    Project: The Family Plot
    Deadline: January 15, 2015
    New words written: 1595
    Present total word count: 45,718

    Things accomplished in fiction: Everybody’s got a ghost problem – even the dude who has been steadfastly insisting he hasn’t got a ghost problem. Liarpants, he is.

    Things accomplished in real life: Neighborhood jaunt with dog; minor housework; costume prep for tonight; some prep for tomorrow; lunch with husband; a few important emails with nice people.

    Other: It was great when it all began…

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 197,099


3 thoughts on “What ever happened to Fay Wray?

  1. Maryann Cook

    Thanks for thinking of the Twitter impaired.

  2. Do the TimeWarp for me tonight. I’m stuck in an airport.

  3. She had a fabulous life and lived to be 96. Great Hallowe’en cat… ;D

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