Hot patootie, bless my soul!

As you may recall, the marvelous Kevin Hearne was my houseguest for a few days, quite recently; and have I mentioned lately that I adore him? Well, for the record, there it is. Again, probably. Because he is highly adorable.

At any rate, this exceptional gentleman may have hypothetically absconded from my home bearing a signed copy of Maplecroftwhich he is now prepared to give away – along with a signed copy of any one of his books that you like.

Basically, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter before the stroke of midnight on October 30th – because we’re spooky like that. A winner will be randomly selected from these new followers, and announced on Halloween.

Again, for the spook-factor.

So click that-there link in the paragraph above for details, or just add me on Twitter for a chance to win. Everybody likes winning things, right? I know I do.

* * *

In other news, tomorrow night there’s a red-hot Rocky Horror Picture Show event here in Chattanooga. What’s got two thumbs, a French maid costume, and tickets to rock out with her frock out? THIS GIRL.

The show starts at 9:00 p.m. at Rhythm ‘N Brews.
Order tickets on line, or get ’em at the door!

* * *

Halloween is almost upon us, and I, for one, am ready as hell! Got my purple porch lights, my giant spiderweb, my fog machine, my Lady Frankenstein garb, and about 30 pounds of candy plus non-food treats for the kids with allergies.

Yes, I said thirty pounds of goodies.

Last year we went through twenty pounds in ninety minutes – and I’d prefer not to send any of the grown-ups on another Hail Mary run to Walgreen’s while the kids swarm the house like so many sugar-fiending zombies.

My neighborhood does not half-ass Halloween, and the whole city knows it. Parents bring their kids to our district to check out the lights and decorations, and churches/youth groups send their kids here by the bus-load – because every house REALLY gets into the swing of it. No Halloween Scrooges to be found! It’s absolutely one of my favorite things about living here.

Next year, we might have to get off our duffs and throw an official Halloween party. As it is, our front porch is becoming the holiday lint-trap for all our adult friends with no kids but a desire to watch approximately one zillion trick-or-treaters come around; and that makes me happy – except that I have no actual party stuff going on. I suppose we’ll scare up some creepy music, and today I stocked up on booze.

That’s a start, right?

Also, I whipped up some hot butter rum mix – to warm our hands and mellow our moods as we sit on the swing and wait for the tiny ghouls and ghosts to arrive. So this year might not be an Official Halloween Event, but it’s shaping up to be 6-10 friends, some rum, and a perfectly lovely time all the same.

* * *

I was just about to hit “publish” on this post, when my husband called out, “Guess who’s back!” Lo and behold, our old friend Rufus has returned – so you get a canine conclusion to this rambly blog entry. Rufus is a little stinker.

We know who his people are, and will return him shortly. But first? A little play-time with Greyson and some tummy rubs. I mean, since he’s come all this way…

2 thoughts on “Hot patootie, bless my soul!

  1. Jenni

    Oh Rufus. Greyson is his brother from another mother.

  2. Rainer Bönsch

    Ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihren Freunden viel “grusligen” Spass zu Halloween!!

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