What ever happened to Fay Wray?

Just a quickie this afternoon – for I’m getting ready to (a). meet a friend for brief shenanigans, and (b). then come home and tart myself up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show event tonight. But I did want to post a reminder that this is your last day to enter Kevin Hearne’s awesome giveaway […]

Hot patootie, bless my soul!

As you may recall, the marvelous Kevin Hearne was my houseguest for a few days, quite recently; and have I mentioned lately that I adore him? Well, for the record, there it is. Again, probably. Because he is highly adorable. At any rate, this exceptional gentleman may have hypothetically absconded from my home bearing a […]

Stand down or show down, baby let’s get this done

Okay! So I’ve been swamped with house guests/travel/signing/etc. for the last week or two, and things have piled up while my attention was elsewhere. For one thing, I’m way behind on my word metrics; for another, I’ve been skimping on the Maplecroft news. People are talking! Here are some highlights! Maplecroft at Literary Escapism – […]