All you have is your fire

No word metrics tonight, folks – it just hasn’t been that kind of day. Instead, the husband and I tackled the weekly housework…and then we moved on to the yard. We moved on to it hard.

Our front yard is always a little bit of a mess, really. It’s quite small, and although the husband and I often have a drink on the front porch (especially when it’s raining), there’s just not much in the way of “outdoor living space.” So quite frankly, we tend to sort of forget about it and let it go to hell – concentrating most of our energy on the back yard, where we spend a lot more time.

Once in awhile I’ll make a wee herculean effort and spend a couple of full days on it, which is bullshit, I know. I really ought to give it an hour a week, and then not have to perform these marathon shenanigans – but oh well.

Today I had the husband’s help, so it wasn’t quite the epic undertaking it would’ve been, were this a solo mission.

Recently, we’ve been clearing out underbrush and vines around the two main front beds and/or the old roses. But today we made a final massive push – adding both (a). 10 bags of mulch, and (b). an actual border to both the beds, in the form of the excess pavers I’ve had sitting in the garage for almost two years.

The time had come. I was never going to do my half-assed plan for a walkway in the backyard anyhow. They were just taking up space…and now they make it look like civilized adults live in this-here house. Really, I’m very pleased with how it came out. Two thumbs up, to me and the hubs.

Now I just have to finish cleaning out under HollyHenge (tomorrow? maybe Sunday?) and start work on the back yard, where things have gone from forest to jungle. With any luck, this will be the last big project-type work I’ll have to perform this year.

We shall see.

* * *

Look what I found, while watering plants yesterday!

Don’t worry, I didn’t lick or otherwise molest him – though I did use a Tupperware container to gently relocate him, when Greyson showed excessive interest in the surprise green interloper. My pooch probably wouldn’t have hurt him on purpose, but he’s big and clumsy, and prone to snorfling things (whether they want snorfling or not).

It was best for everyone if the little dude returned to the nearby hedges.

* * *

Maplecroft Madness! Can’t stop the signal, baby. Here are a couple of new reviews that landed overnight, presented for your consideration:

    Fantasy Faction – (Where it’s rated 9/10 stars) “The story likes to highlight the dysfunctions of its players and makes one wonder how any of these people can stand to be in a room together. Their pasts hover over them like drippy coastal fog…”

    Happy birthday to the Errant Weasel! – “I ordered it for myself months ago as I knew it would drop on my birthday. As it happened, I was home in bed with a fever the day it arrived so I got to devote my undivided attention to it. And finished it within 48 hours, wholly unwilling to put it down for more than a few hours of sleep.”

And just because, for your convenience – the usual links roundup:

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