Yes, yes, yes – I’m back from DragonCon. But that’s not the REAL news. The real news? BEHOLD: At long last – the day has come! Maplecroft is available at retailers everywhere, AND on e-readers everywhere!

[:: tee shirt cannon ::]
[:: confetti gun ::]

[:: paddlewheel of high fives ::]

Remember Maplecroft? OH YES YOU DO. It’s all about LIZZIE BORDEN fighting Cthulhu with an AXE… or it’s a gothic epistolary novels that fawn wildly over Dracula by way of Lovecraft, if you prefer. And if this is relevant to your interests – or relevant to the interests of anyone you might know – then kindly consider taking a chance on MAPLECROFT!

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Don’t forget: Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review: “Readers will be intrigued by the weird monsters and 19th-century science, but the story is really carried by the characters’ emotional dynamics, especially those between the Borden sisters.”

i09 sang its praises: “Maplecroft will be the best damn Cthulhu novel you’ve read in ages.” Library Journal was all like: “This clever premise combines genuine horror and a legendary historical character for an entertaining read.”

And a number of VERY FINE AUTHORS have likewise chimed in, if you place any weight on the opinions of folks like Chris Golden, Chuck Wendig, Brian Keene, and Keelan Patrick Burke.


So here’s how you and all your friends can get your hands on a copy via the internet.

So go on then…FLY, MY PRETTIES! MY MAGICAL BOOK-TYPE PRETTIES! To bookshelves and nightstands everywhere!

10 thoughts on “MAPLECROFT: FINALLY

  1. This has shot RIGHT up to the top of my reading queue, now that the pre-ordered copy showed up on my Nook!

    Congratulations on the release! :D

  2. Thank you! I very much hope you enjoy the reading :)

  3. Congratulations on the release!! WOOT! I’m downloading Maplecroft while I’m reading Dreadnaught. Thanks you for all of the the great reads, Cherie.

  4. I’m a few chapters in and I love it. I love the voice you give to Lizzie and her sister. But surprisingly I’m starting to very much enjoy the interludes with the other characters. They are SO different and interesting in their own unique ways. Usually in a book like this I only love the main plot/character POV. But not in this case, I’m truly loving the entire thing. Love it.

  5. Rainer Bönsch

    My sincere congratulations.
    hopefully there will soon be something new from you on the German book market.

  6. Maryann Cook

    Arrived on the doorstep as promised. Looking forward to reading it.

  7. joseph

    Good work.

  8. Donna Klein

    Found this gem waiting for me when I got home yesterday. Can’t wait to dive headlong into it!

  9. Thanks so much, you guys! I do hope you enjoy the reading!

  10. Courtney King

    This premise sounds very promising… I will give this a try!

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