I’m tired of driving ’til I see stars in my eyes

We weathered the storms last night just fine – and tonight we allegedly get a new round, right around the same time. Once again, I’m not too worked up about it. (Knock on wood.) * * * Today I’ve run all my errands, done all my laundry, and packed up all my stuff for the […]

I think you only live to see the lights of town

It’s been another tragic gap in blogging from yours truly over here, for which I do apologize. The weekend was busy, and I was distracted, and now I’m trying to catch up on everything – everywhere – before I leave for San Diego come Wednesday morning. That’s right, this weekend you can catch me at […]

I’ll say I loved you years ago

Not much to report today, except for three impending baby purple finches! Their parents wigged out at me when I (ever-so-carefully) watered the flower basket, so I’m not sure what I’ll do once the wee ones arrive. Probably I’ll just paparazzi the heck out of them and feel bad for my poor dying flowers. We’ll […]