She’s got a halo ’round her finger

Not much new writing on Chapelwood as of late, despite my previous promise. As it turned out, it’s just been easier to push through the Jacaranda draft in one big shove – and let the other projects sit, just for awhile. The best laid plans, etc. etc. etc.

That said, all I need is one big read-through tomorrow … and Jacaranda will be off to its publisher. It’s in a good Draft One stage right now, but I want to give it a final polishing pass before I inflict it upon the editor; and then it’s back to Chapelwood. At least until the Princess X edits land, heh.

(Although I really will be working on those two simultaneously. Deadlines say that I must, and they’re different enough projects that I think it’ll be okay.)

In other news, there’s not much other news. I’ve just been working on the Jacaranda rewrites, and the new site design, and getting some Writer Business sorted – and that’s about it. Well, that and the Kitty Business. She had her Little Old Lady Cat checkup yesterday, and she was approximately as thrilled about it as you’d expect.

She’s fifteen years old now, so she goes every six months for a once-over – whether she likes it, or not. (Hint: she never likes it. Ever.)

Then today we took Greyson to the dog park, as a pre-arranged playdate with his buddy “Taco.” His friend and nearby neighbor Kayak was also there – and after Taco left, they were joined by a small white sausage of a dog whose name I never caught. It was pretty cute, though: the two biggest pooches in the yard, wrestling and playing with the smallest.

Well, it gave me a smile, anyway.

Right! So, that’s all the latest.

I’d half intended to come over here and put up a big thing about True Detective, which I loved from start to finish – but I’m still deciding what can or should be said about it. I feel like the whole series needs a re-watch before I could really put any good thoughts together, and I just don’t have time for that.

Suffice it to say, yes – I loved it.

And tonight, there will be Justified – without any conflict of interest, because Person of Interest is a rerun. God, I hate having to choose which one to watch later. All these hours in the week, and two of my favorite hours have to overlap.

[:: swears wildly ::] [:: flips table ::] [:: throws a floor fit ::]

Anyway, have a good night, everyone! I’ll try to be back tomorrow, posting cheerful news about having hit “send” on that Jacaranda draft. I’d ask you to wish me luck, but really, you should wish me greater self-discipline…

3 thoughts on “She’s got a halo ’round her finger

  1. Meghann

    Wait, True Detective is OVER already? Bugger, I thought it hadn’t started airing yet… Hopefully it’s on instant somewhere =)

  2. Maryann Cook

    Choosing between Person Of Interest or Justified is really a pain. I’ve about decided to just wait and Netflix the whole season of Justified and save myself the frustration.

  3. First, the outraged cat photo was hilarious! And I agree about True Detective: hard to explain how to explain it… ;D

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