Where I’m going and where I’ll be

All right folks, FIRST thank you to everyone who’s shared the word and dropped the bucks on the HUMBLE BUNDLE for it is pretty much rocking the house right now. Oh! Speaking of! What an excellent excuse to repost the handy-dandy widget (which you can click to head directly to the site, if you are so inclined):

Because I like widgets, okay?

Anyway. NEXT UP.

Tomorrow morning bright and early, I’ll be headed out to InConJunction in Indianapolis, Indiana. And even if you’re not going to catch the convention itself, you can catch me, personally, this Friday at NOON – at Indy Reads Books. I’ll be kicking around that fine store, signing anything you bring me, and generally making myself available for questions or abuse for an hour or two.

[NOTE: This is predominantly a used book store, though they’ve been kind enough to host this event. (And they tend to host others, too.) There may or may not be any stock for purchase, so if you want a book signed and you don’t already have it in your possession … you will probably want to pick it up elsewhere beforehand. Yes, I know. Totally the opposite of how it usually works, but that’s all right. I’m flexible!]

So. Long story short, don’t expect a whole lot of blogging for the next couple of days. Expect a somewhat larger measure of tweeting, and maybe even some Facebooking – depending on how cooperative my phone’s app is feeling.

Right! Well then.
Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch up to everyone on the other side.

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