The moon is low tonight

Today I got my main birthday present from the husband: Cable TV! We’ve been living in the dark like cave-people long enough. Network TV has sufficed all these years, with the intermittent addition of basic thirteen … but I wanted more. I think it mostly has to do with me working from home, and leaving […]

In the betting of names on gold to rust

Woke up entirely too early this morning, to the crash of an 18-wheeler slamming into my house, or that’s what it sounded like. Coincidentally, an 18-wheeler was involved in a catastrophic, power pole-smashing wreck about a block away, knocking out the electricity for a bit and causing traffic to be rerouted even as I type […]

My lightning’s flashing across the sky

It’s been a day of errands and yardwork because the weather was a bit cooler; and since it was overcast, this was probably the best day we’ll get for outdoors labor for awhile. With that in mind, I got the backyard trimmed up nicely (but ran out of juice to finish the front and sides), […]