A little party never killed nobody

Well, that last post sure sent my traffic through the roof. [:: waves at all the people ::] I seem to have a few new readers scoping around, which is always nice – but I feel it’s only fair to warn you: I write a Real Post once in a Blue Moon. Most of the time, it’s just word metrics, pet pictures, and excuses up in here.

Here comes an excuse now!

No, I don’t have any new words to report on Princess X…not because I haven’t written any, but because they’re all in a notebook right this moment. And sadly, notebooks don’t come with word counters.

I to got thinking about it, and realized that everything will go much more smoothly if I just sit down and script out the webcomic/website material that laces through the novel. That way, I can slot it into place when I reach the appropriate chapters.

Prior to this, I’ve been stopping and shifting brain-gears every time I reach a comic break, and it’s been slow going. Aggravating going. Resisting the urge to chuck your laptop across the room…going.

This new approach will definitely work out better in the long run, but it means a little sidetracking for now, that’s all. So. Yes. Well. The metrics must wait.

[Aside: Without giving too much away, there’s a mysterious website/webcomic at the center of the novel, feeding the protagonist bits and pieces of information about a real life crime. Rather than describe the content of the website – which would be SUPER boring reading, IMO – it looks like we’ll have an artist create it, instead. Or that’s the plan at the moment, I believe; but don’t hold me to it, as publishing is an arcane and peculiar science, and plans are constantly open to adjustment.]

Anyway, I’m taking a few days to sort out this particular thread, so I can proceed more easily down the line. Word metrics should resume on Monday afternoon, if I can get my shit together by then. If not, well, I’ve got some cat and dog pictures hanging around on my phone…and it looks like the purple finches are back, rebuilding their nest on the porch…so there’s always animal paparazzi in the queue somewhere

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