I’m running and I was proud and I wore it like a crown

Here’s today’s progress on my fin de siecle gothic epistolary about Lizzie Borden fighting Cthulhu with her trusty axe, now with Bonus! ghosts, guilt, girlfriends, arcane science, and an accidental villain who’s losing his mind and his humanity in tandem:

    Project: Maplecroft
    Deadline: October 15, 2013
    New words written: 1784
    Present total word count: 64,024 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: Tiny segue that isn’t a segue so much as new information.

    Next up: Another segue. I’m filling in some bits, here and there, with regards to what our villain has been up to while everyone was running around, screaming, back at Fall River.

    Things accomplished in real life: Daily jaunt around the neighborhood with the dog; went to the Barn Nursery; spent all afternoon working on the yard.

    Other: Added good soil to the feeble soil of our beds, and worked it in. Then I planted (and fed) a forsythia, a lovely little lilac bush, some irises (to fill out some dead patches in an existing bed of them), and a pair of camellias in a semi-shaded corner of the yard that was otherwise empty and sad. All of these plants are basically babies, but they’ll grow up and be beautiful. (Greyson helped.)

    Other – next up: Re-grade and relocate bird stuff to the shady place near the camellias; take care of the back bed; replant something in the spot at side of the house where a hyacinth died and left a big, sad hole. All I can do is take it a little at a time, or else it’s too overwhelming.

    Pet-related other: My dog is ridiculously good-looking.

    TV-related other: Caught up on Justified last night. [:: fist pump ::]

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 59,898

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