Happy birthday dear Greyson … happy birthday to yooooou …

Today’s not just Valentine’s Day – it’s Greyson’s first birthday! [:: throws confetti ::] More or less, I mean. We were told he was born “sometime in the middle of February,” so it seems like the perfect date for the world’s most lovable dog.

And he is a dog now – though he’ll always be our puppy, never mind that he’s 75 pounds of pure brawn and has a bark like a wolf.

Edit: Just now a trio of neighborhood kids came over with a birthday bone (and dad in tow). We turned the kids loose in the back yard with Greyson, and woo boy howdy this is officially the Best! Day! Ever! Seriously, you’ve never seen such a happy dog in your life.

I wish I’d gotten video, but they caught us by surprise. You’ll have to settle for this birthday video instead, wherein I am puppy-assaulted and licked mercilessly. (You also get to hear his “quiet bark,” which he’s learned to use if he just wants to go outside or play, and he’s not trying to raise an alarm.)

And here’s today’s progress on my fin de siecle gothic epistolary, now with Bonus! ghosts, guilt, and the threat of elder gods in the aftermath of two gruesome unsolved murders:

    Project: Maplecroft
    Deadline: None at present
    New words written: 1402 (ok)
    Present total word count: 28,070 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: My girlfriend’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble…

    Things accomplished in real life: Daily jaunt around the neighborhood with the dog; some yardwork; lunch with the husband; went to the post office; exchanged important phone calls with important people about stuff I can’t announce yet.

    Other: OH SUCH THINGS WOULD I LIKE TO ANNOUNCE. And will. As soon as I can. I promise. STUFF IS IN THE WORKS. Yes, more stuff than Jacaranda, which is pretty awesome all by itself. The year is starting to shape up, and there are many good things ahead.

    Son of Other: Here’s one Bonus! shot of the birthday boy, looking like a poster child for the “Don’t Shop: Adopt!” campaign. As he well could be.

    The birthday boy goes digging in the garden

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 24,083

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday dear Greyson … happy birthday to yooooou …

  1. What a beautiful boy! Happy birthday to Greyson!

  2. Happy birthday, Greyson! :)

  3. Eva Martinson

    Happy Birthday, Greyson!

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