ChattaCon: The Post

ChattaCon has come and gone, and it was a hoot – in every way possible. I got to hang with local pals like Derek Tatum; kick around with always-lovely cool kids like Tim and Serena Powers and William Stout (both of whom I’ve been fortunate enough to “convention” with before); reconnect for shenanigans and gossip with Wendy Webb and Stephen Antczak; and go out for lunchings with local author Shane Berryhill.

I know I’m leaving people out. I know, it’s awful, really – but beyond a certain point it’s a bit of a blur: the wonderful AnachroCon and DragonCon people, the podcasters and other interviewers, the delightful costumers, Larry Smith and his book-booth, the fine people in operations, all the sweet fans who let me deface their books with my illegible (and sometimes misspelled) signatures … AND I got to have a fannish blimpdance and hug with Steampunk Boba Fett!


In addition to all this fabulous mayhem, we had house guests! The inimitable Sara Harvey came to crash in our guest room, and with her came the Mighty Mighty Bee. “B” (nickname) is her 2-year-old daughter, who did verily use Greyson for a jungle gym, as you know all too well if you were watching my Twitter feed.

I might’ve sort of flooded it with pictures like THIS ONE.

Miss B. and Greyson

They had a really great give-and-take going on, where he’d follow her around incessantly – licking her like he was hunting her Tootsie Roll center … and then he’d get tired and go lie down for a nap. At which point she would demand that he chase her, then crawl upon him and generally be so adorable that even a dog getting climbed like a StairMaster was compelled to give her yet more licking.

SUBMITTED AS EVIDENCE: The following video. Stick around for the end. There are toddler hugs and dog kisses.

But now all’s gone quiet. I’m home kicking around on the internet, watching Sunday night cartoons and decompressing. Sara and B have gone home, ChattaCon is over, and I am very, very tired.

But I did want to do a bloggy wrap-up, and say thanks to everyone who made the event so grand! Have a good evening, everyone – and a good week to come.

2 thoughts on “ChattaCon: The Post

  1. Great seeing you, and thanks for the mention! I guess I should write more often for my website, eh? ;)

  2. B and Greyson are so cute! And I laughed pretty good at the blimp video. And, I’m glad you had fun at the convention!

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