If you fall when we march forth

2013 is starting out kindly, knock on wood. I’ve gotten a couple of big deadlines squared away (for the time being), and I’m almost finished putting another one to bed (I’ll wrap it up tomorrow). Apart from that last niggling thing, I plan to take January “off,” which is to say, I’ll work on a couple of personal projects that are – at this point – essentially “for fun.” But otherwise, writing-wise, there’s nothing I plan to make a priority.

I’m tired.
That’s all.

Here on the home front all is generally well, which is to say, blessedly quiet. I’ve managed a lot of dog-walking and laundry, disassembled all the Christmas goodies, made several trips to the post office, and accomplished a bit of shopping – plus all the usual little fiddly bits of writer-business. (Emails. A couple of interviews. Sorting out receipts, contracts, etc.)

Speaking of writer-business, I’m afraid I have to withdraw from another event – the Gaslight Gathering in San Diego. I feel awful about it, but an unexpected family matter is getting in the way, and I really have no other choice. This absolutely should not reflect on that event, or anyone associated with it. They’ve been lovely, and this isn’t their fault in the slightest. It’s just a quirk of timing and conflicting obligations, I want to make clear – they’ve been wonderful, understanding, and professional.

I realize that this is the second event I’ve cancelled in as many months, but it’s pure coincidence, and the causes are unrelated. I try to console myself with the knowledge that I’ve done nearly fifty such events in the last three years, and this is only the third I’ve to withdraw from; but that doesn’t really make me feel any better about it.

Anyway, I’ve updated my “Appearances” page accordingly.
[:: sigh ::]

Hmm. What else? Let’s see.

The housepets continue to do well. Right now, Greyson is in the guest room chewing on a pig hoof – which is exactly as revolting as it sounds. I’ve opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fan, never mind the cold, because the smell would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. But they’re inexpensive, he loves them, and they keep him occupied quietly if you need a couple of hours to work when he’d rather play.

As for Spain the Cat, she remains fluffy and spoiled – chasing sunbeams from room to room when she’s not napping on the electric blanket. That we all should be so lucky in our golden years, eh?

Now, I suppose, I shall inflict some links upon you.

  • Are the Glory Days of Steampunk Over? First of all, Paul Goat Allen at B&N is amazing, and I adore him to high heaven. Second, the piece is almost so kind that I feel awkward linking it, but here you go. My humility lost its saving throw on this one.

  • Northwest Book Lovers – Interview with yours truly. Fabulous folks over there, and I thank them for taking the time to have me stop by for a visit.

  • 15 Great 2012 Science Fiction/Fantasy Books to Read in 2013 – Geek Exchange tells you to go read The Inexplicables. You should totally listen to them.

  • Those Who Went Remain There Still – review #1 – This is an older one of mine, but here’s the first of two new reviews that popped up recently. You can still buy this novella in audio and ebook form, but the original print run is sold out, I’m afraid. As a side note, I changed the name of the other family in the Coy feud…because I can prove I’m kin to the Coys, but not the other folks. Didn’t want to get sued, natch.

  • And here’s the second one – Courtesy of the folks at FantasyLiterature.com. Choice quote: “I highly recommend the audio version produced by Audible Frontiers and read by Marc Vietor and Eric Michael Summerer. The narrators are both spot-on with their Southern Gothic voices and this is one of those cases where I felt that the audio version might be even better than print. It’s a brilliant performance. You can listen to a sample at Amazon or Audible.”

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