Even though I promised I would do no such thing, I ended up sitting around with the husband to catch the election results last night. I had EVERY INTENTION of playing Resident Evil 6 and waiting for the final announcement on the other side of all the drama, but something about hot butter rum and NBC’s shiny graphics kept me glassy-eyed and glued.

I am not gonna lie: I almost cried with relief when Obama won … and that’s all I’ll say on the subject.*

Anyway. Moving right along.

I’ve randomly chosen five winners for the ARC giveaways, and at this point, I’ve emailed all five to ask for snail mail addresses. I’ve heard from two, and if I don’t hear from the rest by Monday, I’ll pick someone else. Nothing personal, but I’ve got work to do – and if I don’t get these mailed off next week, God knows when it’ll get done.

And I want these things out of my office.

In other news, I’m about to leave town yet again – but not for the tour, not quite yet. No, first up is the Dahlonega Literary Festival this coming weekend, where you can catch me and a whole host of other writers hanging around the historic town square. So if I’m slow with the emails or updates, I do hope you can forgive me.

Speaking of – next week I’m setting off on this year’s book tour for The Inexplicables! Click here to see if I’m coming to your area – and if so, then I do hope you’ll come out to see me. I’m happy to sign books (any of them, not just the one I’m touring for), and I will no doubt leave a trail of signed books in my wake at these various stores – for I usually sign all the stock they’ll give me. So you holiday shoppers out there … heads up!

I’m just saying.

* People who post hateful screeds and/or try to start fights will find their comments deleted and themselves blocked. I don’t barge into your house and show my ass; don’t come to my place and do likewise. It’s not polite. And it’s a shame about this footnote, but last night’s FB firestorm drove home the fact that I need to put it here.