Today has been a day of small, niggling tasks that I’ve put off for too long – all that boring behind-the-scenes stuff that I’d love to have someone else handle, but it’s just me, so I have to do it.*

Mostly I performed internet maintenance issues, including a revamp of the graphics on my website to reflect the next book, as well as a general updating of the Clockwork Century – cleaning up the links, adding the information for The Inexplicables, and adjusting the content.

[Edit: The Clockwork Century site is having some intermittent issues; servers are in NYC, and only recently came back online. No need to email me if you can’t reach it right now.]

These things took awhile, not least of all because I am no great genius with either Photoshop or HTML. My skills are adequate at best, and even then, I achieve “adequate” only after a few hours of blood, sweat, and tears.

So the day kind of feels like a waste, though I know it wasn’t.

BUT CHERIE some of you may cry DID YOU NOT GET OUT THERE AND ROCK THE VOTE? In fact I did. A couple of weeks ago. Tennessee allows early voting, and I took advantage of it. Got myself a sticker and everything.

I haven’t missed an election since I turned 18. Too many people worked too hard to make sure I have that option.

And now? Now I’m going to settle in for the evening with my pets, my husband, some rum, and some video games. I don’t think I have the stomach to watch the results come in; I don’t need the high blood pressure, and watching the numbers trickle to the public will just stress me out.

I’ll hold my breath and see what happens.

* The first [and furthermore, every] person who suggests I hire a secretary gets a boot to the head. Even if I had the time and energy to hire and train one, I don’t have the money to pay one. So forget it.