November 13 – a great date for a multitude of reasons. First of all, by that date we ought to damn well stop hearing political campaign ads, and hopefully this whole presidential thing will be good and sorted. Knock on wood. Second, it is my husband’s birthday. I believe the record will reflect that I love me some Scorpios. Third – and most relevant to this blog post: This is the date that my new Clockwork Century novel The Inexplicables will finally be available!


So WHAT you may ask IS THE SKINNY ON THIS ONE? Well, I’ll tell you, starting with an amended version of the flap copy.

[Aside: Why amended? Because I’m a control freak, basically. Also because people who read the stuff that’s actually on the back of the book tend to freak out and email me questions with lots of exclamation points. But I think it’s important to remember that (a). I, personally, did not write the flap copy, and (b). if you want proper answers to your exclamation pointy questions, it will be more expensive and time-consuming to just buy the book and read it, yes … but ultimately you’ll find that course of action more satisfying than emailing me with your demands.]

    Rector “Wreck ‘em” Sherman was orphaned as a toddler in the Blight of 1863, but now he’s all grown up – and on his eighteenth birthday, he’ll be cast out out of the children’s home.

    But Wreck’s problems aren’t merely about finding a new place to live: for years, he’s been quietly breaking the cardinal rule of any good drug dealer and dipping into his own supply. Now he’s pretty sure he’s being haunted by the ghost of a kid he used to know – a kid who disappeared six months ago, and is almost certainly dead. If so, this old friend would have every reason to pester Wreck, since Wreck’s the one who got him inside the walled city of Seattle in the first place.

    Maybe the ghost is just a drug-fueled misfire of a guilty conscience, but Wreck can’t take it anymore. So he sneaks over the wall.

    Inside, he finds the wasteland of Seattle every bit as bad as he’d heard, chock-full of the hungry undead and utterly choked by the poisonous, inescapable yellow gas.

    And then there’s the monster. Rector’s pretty certain that whatever attacked him was not at all human—and not a rotter, either. This was something different. Arms far too long. Posture all strange. Eyes all wild and faintly glowing gold and known to the locals as simply “The Inexplicable.”

I’d say that’s pretty much the meat of it – but that’s definitely not the whole story. Inside The Inexplicables you’ll also find gangland mayhem, dynamite and time bombs, back-door deals, undead fauna, malicious chemistry, forgotten cemeteries, decrepit towers with treasure inside, Maynard’s jail, missing soldiers, fabricated zombies … and a whole lot more.

It’s true, this is my first book in the franchise without a female lead – though Princess Angeline and Mercy Lynch play fairly prominent roles; and it’s true also that people are assuming this is a young adult book, due to the protagonist’s age. And that’s fine – I hope young readers pick it up and enjoy it. But really, this is from the same planet as Boneshaker – a book written for adults and/or anyone else, but with a young person front and center.

I have been told that the young person in question is a disturbing, yet strangely compelling, jackass. I’m going to go ahead and take that as a compliment.

SO. If you’d like to read the first chapter of The Inexplicables, you can click right here and find it live on the Macmillan page. I’m not gonna lie – the first chapter is a little grim and weird, but I’m rather fond of it and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

When you’re finished with that sample, if you’re game and curious, you can click over here to Goodreads and throw your hat in the ring to receive a free copy from Tor.

Inexplicables ARCs OR. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind a plain white Advance Reader Copy without the swanky brown ink and all that jazz… you can leave a comment here, on this entry at my website, and I’ll put you in the running for one of mine.

I have five to give away – and I wish I had time to get more creative with it, but a random number generator will have to suffice.

Comment between now and Wednesday, November 7th, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time (USA) to enter.

Open to residents of the US only. My apologies, but I am kind of broke and Sandy has delayed all the publishing money, so this is how it’s going to be this time.

At any rate! Below I’ve listed a series of links that will take you to listings for The Inexplicables at the usual suspects, including the known e-book formats. To answer the inevitable questions about an audiobook – I have no idea if there will be one or not. No one has said anything about it, and everyone in New York is a little busy right now with other things, so I’m just going to have to let that one go for now.

But in short and in closing, if you could be persuaded to preorder this book, I would be forever grateful. Publishers pay a great deal of attention to preorders, and preorders go a long way toward deciding how many more books they’re likely to pay me for.

So thank you to everyone for your time, your interest, and your readership. Thank you for everything.

84 thoughts on “Coming Soon: THE INEXPLICABLES

  1. Yes! ARCs = LOVE.

  2. Joel L Liberski

    Yet another tantalizing and propulsive opening chapter that graces your biblography. It had a creepy, unsettling tone that I would compare to the Eden Moore series. It was a welcome fusion to this humble reader.

    The shared universe of The Clockwork Century has given readers a wonderful opportunity experience different advernture story types.

    The fun you must have had writing them shows through on page turn after page turn.

    I cannot wait for next week.

    Thank you and bless you for all that you do.

  3. Catie E.

    Love ARCs!

  4. Thomas W Agnew

    ARCs of the Covenant. Woot! Woot! For consideration please…

  5. Elspeth

    The official cover is pretty, but I just want the book. Put me down for a ARC to win!

  6. Yes, please! A white cover (mayhap even inscribed?) would have a place of pride with all the plain ol’ *published* ones. And who are we kidding, next to the inevitably acquired official version. :-7

  7. Mark Rimmell

    I’m really looking forward to reading this. All other reading material goes to the bottom of the pile when my copy arrives.

  8. Jennifer

    The new book sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to read it.

  9. Rachael Finley

    Oooo ARC! I’d like to be in the drawing.

    I’m pre-ordering for the Kindle, but I like having unique copies of books.

    Very excited for next week! Can’t wait to read it!

  10. Katie Gladgiw

    I can’t wait! Hopefully I will get to see you at Flyleaf in NC.

  11. Dave Garrett

    Have already pre-ordered the book, looking forward to it. Back to rottered up Seattle. Will they ever find the source of the mysterious gas? Stay tuned!

  12. Dave Halterman

    Pre-ordered, but would love an ARC to slip into the bookcase next to Boneshaker. Everything else has been e-book due to recent moves!

  13. Jason Burnett

    Hi Cherie! I would loveloveLOVE to win a copy of this! (I’ve already preordered from Amazon, but an ARC would be even more awesome!)

  14. LoisBuhalis

    I would be OVERJOYED to have one of these! ARCS are fine with me.

  15. Alex Finnan

    Ooooo ARC, I want to go to there!

  16. Sometimes it sucks living in the UK. I can’t enter any of the competitions and I’ll have to wait till February to get my hands on Inexplicables.

    And then it’ll be the UK version, which will look weird next to my US versions of the first three…

    Woah is me!

  17. Gavin

    I don’t mind owning one of those Reader’s Copies… I’m sure the story inside makes us for the plain and dull looking binding. :)

  18. posthums

    Nice, been waiting on this to come out! =)

  19. leslie

    I want to win! And I’m a scorpio! And also love scorpios!

  20. Olga

    putting my name in the hat. Can’t wait for this to come out!

  21. Wallace N

    OK, I’m game, enter me for one of the five free copies.

  22. tuppence

    Duly ordered from my inde. Your books are terrific. Thank you.

  23. eccequambonum

    Whoooo! ARC! And me with impending time to actually, you know, read for FUN!

  24. Debbi

    I am a HUGE fan and am constantly showcasing your books in our high school library. Boneshaker was the top pick of my my very particular book group last year and it was highly praised. An ARC would make me very happy!!!

  25. Russ M

    Baby daughter doesn’t give me much time to read, but a new Clockwork Century book goes to the top of the list!

  26. Alana

    Love the series, the opening chapter of this new book, and the things you post here and elsewhere. Keep it coming, please!

  27. Mike Moe

    Me! Me! Me! Pick me!

  28. Fidel J.

    An instant pre-order for sure, I have yet to be let down with any of the Clockwork Century books, so when a new one comes out it jumps right to the top of my reading stack. =)

  29. I am going to try and influence the random number generator with my psychic powers…


  30. Rebecca Cox

    Comment, comment, comment!

  31. catfriend

    Mmmmmm… a white book. I’d love me one of them.

  32. Philip Ulbrich

    Back to Seattle?

  33. Bakema NL

    Yes!!! Found the book already in the abc bookstore in Amsterdam. I can order everything online of course, but I just like going into a store, browse around the shelves and find good stuff. Oldfashioned maybe, but more rewarding in a sense. I turn to online ordering when I can’t find what I want in stores. So of course that happens regularly because of my reading in English preference. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read most things I’m interested in anyway, as most of it is not translated at all.

    I’m about halfway through Dreadnought, Boneshaker under the belt. Leaves Ganymede and now The inexplicables to read. Clementine I really have to order, that’s one I’m not likely to find over here it seems.

    I like this series so far, right up my alley, keep ‘ em coming, I’ll keep ‘ em buying….and reading. :)

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