Remember when I used to post pretty much every day? Yeah, me too. Ah, well – other things are in the hopper right now, and sometimes the internet just has to take a back seat to the real world. But now is the time to play catch-up! So here goes, in a somewhat fast-and-loose fashion. How about bullet points? I like bullet points.


  • For starters, I have a new cousin. His name is Noah, and he is very small and snuggly, and he smells good like new babies tend to. I actually got to visit him within a few days of his birth – which was nice, because when I lived all the way out in Seattle I missed two babies being born, as well as a wedding or two, and almost a funeral. But this baby! This baby I got to see when he was still fresh from the oven. So in short – WELCOME, NOAH. The world is a stranger place than you can imagine. Try to have a good time here, eh?

  • I took Greyson to a cemetery walking tour shortly before Halloween; and there, he got to hobnob with historical reenactors and families with small children, so you know he was a happy, fluffy camper. In other news, I am 13 years old on the inside.

  • I went to a private sale at a 19th century warehouse – where one floor had hosted a storage facility for decades (and still does) … but some of the units were abandoned. I picked up a big box of comics from the 60s – early 80s (which will eventually find their way to Jess Nevins) and a red velvet wingback chair in which I feel very very pretty. Total cost for both – less than fifty bucks. Fear my shop-fu – for it is mighty! (Edit: If you’re curious about the comics, I posted pics of some on my Flickr page. Scroll down a little.)

  • A couple of podcast interviews I did at MileHiCon went live – you can find one here at; and the other one comes via the SF Signal folks – right here on their website – because I love BBQ. Long story. But go check it out – it has Connie Willis in it. If you won’t listen for me, listen for the great Ms. Willis. And listen for my candy wrappers. SOMEONE [Patrick] gave me some fun-sized Twix and things got … noisy.

  • Meanwhile, at Steamcon back in Seattle … my book Ganymede won an Airship Award! I, for one, am utterly chuffed, grateful, and delighted. Many thanks to the folks at that fine convention, and to those who voted for me. The news came at a point when I was feeling particularly frustrated with writing in general, and it really boosted my flagging little spirits.

  • The husband and I went to see Silent Hill: Revelations. The scariest thing about it was the other guy in the theater. Yes, just the one, because we were the only three people there. Anyway, the hubs and I arrived first, and sat down in this delightfully empty space … and then this dude just saunters inside and sits right behind us [well, okay, I guess … we were kind of in the middle], and then attempts repeatedly to engage us in conversation [dude, we’re on an old people date and the movie’s starting – sod off]; and then he kind of invited himself to leave with us [NO NO NO GO AWAY] and started half-assed following us to our car [RECORD SCREECH OF HELL NO]. Eventually we were able to lose him before I had to unleash any fury. I had a can of whoop-ass the size of a spaniel ready to go, but the husband held me back.

  • The movie itself can have its own bullet point: Pretty to look at, but basically it amounted to a series of unrelated scenes stitched together with some of the most awkward, nonsensical info-dumping you could possibly imagine. Cool soundtrack, though.

  • Halloween came! I dressed up as the Woman In Black. Full length view here. Greyson went as a sweet little convict in prison-striped jammies that said Bad Dog on the back. He was SO EXCITED by all the kids (and there were a SHIT TON of kids) that we had to leash him to one of the columns in the foyer to keep him from going bananas. It actually worked out quite well; he could just barely reach the door – and I told the kids he was friendly, and they could pet him if they wanted. Yea verily he did receive many pettings.

  • The kitty went as a kitty. Because I have a rare blood type, that’s why.

  • Over on Goodreads – Tor is giving away copies of The Inexplicables! Go click to enter the drawing. Go on. DOO EET.

  • Speaking of movies (a few bullet points ago) we saw Wreck It Ralph, too. I found it charming and enjoyable, though it has since been pointed out to me that the story’s core message is a little problematic. One could argue that it boils down to: Don’t ever try to change your station in life or challenge authority, because you could destroy everything and everyone you love. However, there’s also a message in there about not being a dick to people just because they’re Not Like You. So, I don’t know. I enjoyed it, but the more I thought about it, the more I wasn’t super comfortable with it.

  • And last but not least – last night I attended a positively epic wedding reception. I would’ve attended the wedding too, but for bullshit reasons Josh and Shawn couldn’t get married in the state of Tennessee…so they ran off to D.C. to make honest men out of one another. AFTER TWENTY YEARS. Weirdly and awesomely enough, I first met them riiiiiight after they’d just gotten together, and now I can only jump up and down and cheer, and wish them the very best going forward. At the reception – held here in Chatty, where they live – we all had a blast; I saw people I hadn’t seen in 10 years or more, did a little bit of dancing, and mostly had a hell of a time live-tweeting the whole damn thing for posterity. Go poke around my most recent Twitter offerings for pictures and commentary. YES THERE WERE TWO GROOMS CAKES. There were two grooms. Natch. And if you’re a fan of 80s movies, you’ll get the armadillo reference, I reckon.

    SO. I think that mostly brings you up to speed on the last week’s worth of unblogged events. I mean, in case you were BURNING to know, or something. Next up, I have a post brewing about the impending release of The Inexplicables, which you should TOTALLY PREORDER FROM THE STORE OF YOUR CHOICE or AMAZON IF THAT IS EASIER for you. And if you want to check out a preview of the first chapter, go right here – and happy reading.

    Anyway. Yes. That’s all for now.
    More to come.