Last Legs of the Tour

So! I’ve been home for the last week or so, mostly playing catch-up from the week or so that I was out of town, natch. Thus my failure to blog, for which I do hope you will pardon me. However, I am not done yet: No indeed, for there are two more stops along this […]

Drink all day and we talk ’til dark

Hey everyone – this is a PSA re: my impending blog absence. To wit: I’m on tour for The Inexplicables! Yes! Flying all over the place, and therefore, unlikely to do a whole lot of posting. You’re only getting this-here entry right this moment because I have a smidge of spare time before my first […]


Hello everyone! Today it is Inexplicables day! Yes – ladies, gents, and the otherwise affiliated – today my FOURTEENTH book is cast out into the marketplace.* It feels positively surreal … GOOD, yes. But surreal. SO. PLEASE, if you could be so inclined, take a moment to take a peek at my newest project. If […]