I only came here to talk

Here’s recent progress on my 19th century D.C. spy caper about a powerful Difference Engine that will end the Civil War – now with warhawk conspiracies, clockwork assassins, two presidents with more in common than they know, two spies with less in common than they think, a conflicted U.S. Marshal, and Bonus! not-at-all mad scientist […]

Bereft of song lyrics

I am just not allowed to have a normal day. On my way out of the house to see the doctor this morning, I encountered a kitten wailing under the bushes beside the house. Took him to the vet. He’s about 4 months old, male, unneutered, uncollared, unchipped, flea-bitten, and a bit thin – but […]

And every day my confusion grows

By some fair miracle, the dog let us sleep in until a quarter to ten this morning. I, for one, greatly appreciated it – for I am definitely sick. Tomorrow I’ll hit up a doc-in-a-box and get some freaking pills or something; the old standbys of vitamin C and “lots of fluids”* aren’t helping, and […]