Hanging Out around the Motor City

I didn’t mention this particular out-of-town trip online because it was a bit of a secret, but you see, Yanni K. brought me up to Detroit in order to surprise a certain publisher for his birthday. Semi-birthday. Demi-birthday. Quasi-birthday, I don’t know – whatever you call a surprise natal celebration six months off the actual […]

Back Home from North Carolina

ConTemporal was pretty much awesome, I don’t mind telling you. If no one had mentioned it was a first-year convention, I would’ve never known; it went smoothly as can be, it was filled with lovely people who knew what they were doing, and I got to hang out with a couple of ladies I haven’t […]

ConTemporal 2012

Tomorrow morning – barring unforeseen catastrophe – I’ll be flying out to Chapel Hill for ConTemporal! I’m very much looking forward to the trip, and to seeing people I’ve largely missed for the last few years – never mind meeting at least one adorable new baby (maybe two!). I predict that a good time will […]