How to Tell a True Ghost Story

When you write ghost stories, everyone wants to tell you a ghost story. That’s the first rule. People come up to you after readings, at conventions, in coffee shops, and they want to tell you about the time they heard a noise they couldn’t explain — or saw something that wasn’t there, and couldn’t have […]

Making Things Official

Last night I realized what my house’s name is. I’d been wondering when it’d hit me, and staying patient – figuring that it’d settle into something that felt right one of these days. Not a “manor” or a “hall,” certainly; the place isn’t big enough to warrant such a designation. But with 3 bedrooms and […]

The more things change

Last night I finished the copyedits for The Inexplicables, and kicked everything over to Liz – so now that book is, well, if not put to bed … then it definitely has its teeth brushed and its jammies on. This frees me up to get back to work on other things. Or rather, it now […]