Tonight we’re about 90% packed up. We’d be a bit farther along, but our apartment is so small that some things will just have to wait until the place is partially emptied. Can’t un-flatten or fill any more boxes. We’re just out of room.

Of course, we’re almost out of stuff to box, too. We don’t really have that much; ten years of living in less than 800 sq. ft. has kept our worldly possessions to a relative minimum – and this time we’re moving down three flights of stairs instead of up, thank God. Even so, I expect that tomorrow will suck.

But then … then we hit the road. And in 3-4 days, we’ll be back in Tennessee, moving into our house.

(An old friend of mine said that this house reminds her of a “haunted mansion” themed screensaver I had on my computer back in college, and she’s totally right. Will I be a daffy southern broad with flower baskets and a porch swing? Oh, you bet. But I will also have the best damn Halloween candy on the block, and I just might invest in a fog machine.)

Anyway. My apologies for being so quiet this week, but it’s been a 6-day study in havoc as we closed down accounts, sorted out business, set up utilities, chased down paperwork, ran our errands, got our car fixed, packed every-damn-thing we could, and tried to catch all our local friends for last-minute shenanigans.

I will miss you guys. All of you.
Let me be clear about that.

But, yes. Tomorrow we head east. We won’t have internet in Tennessee for a day or two after our arrival, so you can safely bet that this will be a pretty quiet page for yet another week. I’ll try to keep the world abreast of our progress via Twitter and Facebook, but blogging by phone is a hassle.

Right. Well then. Here we go.