Had a most excellent time in Houston, of course, but the jaunt was an exhausting one – resulting in three back-to-back 12- to 14-hour travel/work days in a row, in another time zone. It’d be an understatement to confess that I’m a bit worn out.

But it was good to see everyone – to hang with the usual suspects, and meet a few new ones. I even got to nab Joe in person for the first time ever, when he unexpectedly turned up on the convention floor to sign for an hour or two. I’ve known him online for ages, but had never actually been in the same room with him until this week – when I overheard him speaking somewhere behind me, recognized the voice, and homed in to say “hello.”

Lovely man, that. Can’t recommend him enough, and I even scored a signed copy of his new (semi)YA book, Edge of Dark Water. I’m looking forward to diving in … though diving in might take a bit.

For you see, we’ve begun packing things up.

As you know by now, we’re moving at the end of this month. More specifically, we’re getting the moving truck on the 28th, so we are now in the terrifying home stretch of a cross-country drive with all our stuff and the Angry!Cat accompanist. Tomorrow, we take said Angry!Cat to the vet for a last-minute checkup/vaccination update/certificate of health, which will be an absolute joy, I am quite certain; and then Sunday night we’re joining friends for a going-away supper, which I expect to be much less stressful.*

Today I received the keys to the house in the mail, and suddenly it all felt very, very real.

* And probably better-smelling, since we have to bring along a poo-sample from the Angry!Cat. To the vet, not the supper. Just to clarify.