I survived Emerald City Comic Con, which wasn’t that hard – considering that I wasn’t working this particular event. Naw, just showed up for giggles, and to catch up with friends I don’t see very often.

I do admit, the weekend got off to a rocky start, when someone stole my badge right as the doors opened. The organizers had crammed us all into this waiting area – so when the doors did finally open, it was a veritable stampede … and in this stampede, I felt someone knock up against me. Not in the “I’m in the middle of a stampede so I’m gonna get knocked” sort of way, but in the “Someone has just body-checked me with purpose” fashion.

Sure enough, I looked down just in time to see a hand retreating with my badge. I struggled unsuccessfully against the tide, and got a glimpse of a heavyset white guy in a black tee shirt disappearing into the crowd.


I went back to the registration area and threw myself upon the mercy of the nice woman who’d sold me the badge in the first place. She remembered me (it’d been rather quiet when I’d come through the line), vouched for me, and her boss handed me a new badge.

Score one for the good guys! And many thanks to the ECCC folks for being so damn cool.

So. Apart from that one incident of nerd-on-nerd crime, it was a great weekend. I ran into scads of locals, got to see lots of lovely friends from out-of-town, hung out in a secret room party and played merrily with other people’s kids, wore my new Wonder Woman Chucks, and bought some new prints for framing in my soon-to-be-house.

In other news, I am not allowed to buy any more artwork for my soon-to-be-house because the husband says we’re going to run out of walls. Maybe he’s right. I’ll grant him, I’m amassing a rather ridiculous collection of Stuff To Frame, though in my defense, it’s all awesome stuff – and we still have that attic space to finish, so I can always MAKE MORE WALLS if it comes to that.

I’m happy about this attic-finishing option, particularly since three pieces of artwork I ordered weeks ago finally arrived today. So technically, my hoard continues to amass … but also technically, I have not bought any new artwork.

Someone get this choirgirl a martini over here, eh?

Speaking of our impending relocation plans, I sure do have a bunch of books hanging around that I don’t feel like carrying to Tennessee. Author copies, I mean. Boxes of them in storage. Do I want to keep some of these for my vanity stash? Oh, yes. Absolutely. But do I need entire crates of these things? No I do not.

If I were to offer some of these items for sale, signed, postage covered by yours truly, roughly at cover price … might some of you be interested in helping me lighten our moving load? And, um, raise money for print-framing?

Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Anyway. No new writing to speak of, as today has been a day of RUNNING ALL THE ERRANDS. But at least all the errands got run. Off the top of my head: I went to the bank to deposit a check and get quarters for laundry; went to the post office and mailed off a quarterly tax payment; filled out two email interviews; went to the eye doctor and picked up a stash of new contacts; called the vet and set up a check-up appointment for Spain the Cat; sorted out arrangements for the Texas Library Association conference this month; put in notice with our apartment manager; sorted out an alarming notice from our bank about our mortgage vis-a-vis insurance coverage – which turned out to be an error on their part and all is well; and reserved a moving truck for Saturday the 28th so people this shit is getting REAL.

I also tried to do laundry, but the washers/dryers were occupied. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to no longer having this problem.

Wow, this turned out to be a long, rambly entry.

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go give laundry another shot – and maybe sit down to attempt a few hundred words of fiction before the husband gets home from work, reads this, and rolls his eyes when he learns about the new artwork.

So thanks for reading – and stay tuned if you’re game to pick up some signed books on the sly and on the cheap.