Month: April 2012

Wagons East

Tonight we’re about 90% packed up. We’d be a bit farther along, but our apartment is so small that some things will just have to wait until the place is partially emptied. Can’t un-flatten or fill any more boxes. We’re just out of room.

Of course, we’re almost out of stuff to box, too. We don’t really have that much; ten years of living in less than 800 sq. ft. has kept our worldly possessions to a relative minimum – and this time we’re moving down three flights of stairs instead of up, thank God. Even so, I expect that tomorrow will suck.

But then … then we hit the road. And in 3-4 days, we’ll be back in Tennessee, moving into our house.

(An old friend of mine said that this house reminds her of a “haunted mansion” themed screensaver I had on my computer back in college, and she’s totally right. Will I be a daffy southern broad with flower baskets and a porch swing? Oh, you bet. But I will also have the best damn Halloween candy on the block, and I just might invest in a fog machine.)

Anyway. My apologies for being so quiet this week, but it’s been a 6-day study in havoc as we closed down accounts, sorted out business, set up utilities, chased down paperwork, ran our errands, got our car fixed, packed every-damn-thing we could, and tried to catch all our local friends for last-minute shenanigans.

I will miss you guys. All of you.
Let me be clear about that.

But, yes. Tomorrow we head east. We won’t have internet in Tennessee for a day or two after our arrival, so you can safely bet that this will be a pretty quiet page for yet another week. I’ll try to keep the world abreast of our progress via Twitter and Facebook, but blogging by phone is a hassle.

Right. Well then. Here we go.

Back in Seattle

Had a most excellent time in Houston, of course, but the jaunt was an exhausting one – resulting in three back-to-back 12- to 14-hour travel/work days in a row, in another time zone. It’d be an understatement to confess that I’m a bit worn out.

But it was good to see everyone – to hang with the usual suspects, and meet a few new ones. I even got to nab Joe in person for the first time ever, when he unexpectedly turned up on the convention floor to sign for an hour or two. I’ve known him online for ages, but had never actually been in the same room with him until this week – when I overheard him speaking somewhere behind me, recognized the voice, and homed in to say “hello.”

Lovely man, that. Can’t recommend him enough, and I even scored a signed copy of his new (semi)YA book, Edge of Dark Water. I’m looking forward to diving in … though diving in might take a bit.

For you see, we’ve begun packing things up.

As you know by now, we’re moving at the end of this month. More specifically, we’re getting the moving truck on the 28th, so we are now in the terrifying home stretch of a cross-country drive with all our stuff and the Angry!Cat accompanist. Tomorrow, we take said Angry!Cat to the vet for a last-minute checkup/vaccination update/certificate of health, which will be an absolute joy, I am quite certain; and then Sunday night we’re joining friends for a going-away supper, which I expect to be much less stressful.*

Today I received the keys to the house in the mail, and suddenly it all felt very, very real.

* And probably better-smelling, since we have to bring along a poo-sample from the Angry!Cat. To the vet, not the supper. Just to clarify.

Gone To Texas

Hey everyone – and I hate to make this post a drive-by, but here I go anyway: Tomorrow morning I’m flying out for the Texas Library Association conference in Houston.

Should we encounter one another at this event, remember that I am surrounded by a 10-ft. “No Shyness” zone. If you want to say hello, come say hello! Bring books. I’ll sign ’em. I also keep a black Sharpie and a silver Sharpie on hand, for those of you with e-readers who want them/their covers signed. I AM PREPARED, PEOPLE, so don’t worry that you’re “bothering” me. This is literally what I’m there for – to be accosted.

But gently, please. I’ll be on West Coast time, and the early morning panels might have me a little scrambled in the Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed department.

* * * * *

Yes, when I get back to Seattle on Thursday night, I’ll have juuuuust about a week to finish packing up my household and getting everything/everybody ready for the Big Move to Tennessee. Therefore, I do hope you’ll pardon the intermittent radio silence leading up to that … um … more prolonged radio silence, while my husband and I drive a few thousand miles over the course of a week. (With Angry!cat along for the ride, as heavily sedated as is medically safe.)

Meanwhile, watch for me over on Twitter. 140 characters of lazy updating, performed during nap intermissions, airport delays, and bathroom breaks. Come and get it!