Wagons East

Tonight we’re about 90% packed up. We’d be a bit farther along, but our apartment is so small that some things will just have to wait until the place is partially emptied. Can’t un-flatten or fill any more boxes. We’re just out of room. Of course, we’re almost out of stuff to box, too. We […]

Back in Seattle

Had a most excellent time in Houston, of course, but the jaunt was an exhausting one – resulting in three back-to-back 12- to 14-hour travel/work days in a row, in another time zone. It’d be an understatement to confess that I’m a bit worn out. But it was good to see everyone – to hang […]

Gone To Texas

Hey everyone – and I hate to make this post a drive-by, but here I go anyway: Tomorrow morning I’m flying out for the Texas Library Association conference in Houston. Should we encounter one another at this event, remember that I am surrounded by a 10-ft. “No Shyness” zone. If you want to say hello, […]