Preoccupation and Procrastination

I’m not even going to pretend I did anything productive today, apart from taking out the trash and making the bed. I got up a little early, then went back to bed and crashed for a nap after breakfast, and though I wish I hadn’t lost the middle of the day, I do feel better. […]

Yet more Ninjas vs. Aliens metrics

Here’s recent progress on my comic/sci-fi young adult project where a girl becomes a ninja and fights aliens with much ass-kicking and many LOLs but not a whole lot of kissing (or any kissing, to be frank) plus BONUS Bruce Lee’s ghost, a vintage Thunderbird, zenlightenment on the fly, and fat stacks of Cool Ranch […]

Ninja-related word metrics

Have I been bad about working on this project? Oh yes, totally. I dropped the ball right out of the gate, I swear. But in my slight defense, I’ve been tied up in Inexplicables edits, and I’ve also been trapped deep in the throes of some disgusting, phlegmy bug I picked up upon my return […]